WATCH: Refugee Tries Raping Woman In Public, Learns BIG Mistake Too Late

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[WATCH] Refugee Tries Raping Woman In Public, Learns BIG Mistake Too Late
Screen grab from a video taken in China (Source: Facebook)
Unable to control himself any longer, a refugee with quite the sinister plan decided to attack a woman. Ready to rape her right on the street, he wouldn’t quite get that far – and he’d quickly learn his big mistake too late after seeing what was rapidly approaching.

The incident took place in China where a refugee of unknown origin had made his way into a new host country. Unfortunately, he decided to repay their kindness with violence. Instead of living a quiet and productive life, he thought it best to rape his way across the new unconquered land – literally.

As seen in the video captured of the incident, the man’s actions began to draw attention as concerned passersby heard a woman screaming for help. Come to find out, the refugee was trying to rape the unfortunate woman right there on the public street.

Already having lifted up the woman’s dress, he was clearly trying to remove the unwilling victim’s underwear when people stepped in to stop him. Fortunately, they were able to save the crying lady from being raped – but things were far from over.


Posted by Britain First on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In many countries which are being flooded with raping refugees, citizens are becoming desensitized to these acts as leftist apologists try to overlook these crimes being perpetrated by invaders, all for the sake of political correctness. Unfortunately for this refugee, he was about to learn his big mistake too late, as he was in no such country.

Unwilling to let the man simply walk away from his attempted assault and not fearing being labeled as racist bigots, pissed off citizens decided to teach the would-be rapist a little lesson, and a fight broke out in which things didn’t go too well for the refugee.

With a single blow, an onlooker was able to lay the punk on the pavement, but it wasn’t over yet. Although the unconscious refugee was sprawled out in the middle of the road, it wouldn’t be long before one of the intended victim’s loved ones – presumably her husband – found out what had happened.

Toward the end of the clip, he can be seen rushing in before a few men intervened and stopped him from killing the punk. Unfortunately for the wannabe rapist, the enraged man got a few shots in as he kicked the attacker and stomped on his face.

Just before the video ends, police can be seen pulling up, leaving many to believe that the refugee was taken to jail, where he belongs. Too often are we seeing reports of so-called “refugees” coming to more civilized nations and taking advantage of its citizens, bring with them the same barbarism seen in the country they previously fled.

Everywhere these people go, you will find a rise in molestation, rape, and a variety of other violent crimes frequently seen in their homeland. It’s time the public wake up to this threat before they find their wives and daughters caught in the crossfire and victimized.

The reaction that was seen in this video needs to happen to every refugee caught in a sick act like this – every single time. My guess is, they’d get the message pretty quick if they got the snot kicked out of them every time they tried to rape our women.