Reiner: Lying Ignorant Fool Leading Us Into Disastrous War, Trump Destroys Him

Rob Reiner led the Hollywood crowd in deranged and un-American reactions to last night’s missile strike by the Iranian regime. “We’re being led into another disastrous war by a lying ignorant fool. God help us,” the Trump-hating actor said. Bette Midler and Rosie O’Donnell joined him by making incendiary remarks as our troops were under fire. Well, Trump just utterly destroyed them. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Rob Reiner (YouTube/Screenshots)

Hollywood celebrities blamed President Donald Trump for Iran’s attack Tuesday evening, in which over a dozen missiles were fired at Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troop — though no casualties were reported.

They want Americans to believe President Trump is some rogue dictator who is just dying to provoke War World III. Nancy Pelosi is also promoting these lies. “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blamed President Donald Trump for Iranian missile launches against U.S. bases in Iraq on Tuesday evening, and suggested that America was unwilling and unable to fight back,” Breitbart reports.

The truth is that President Trump has been extremely restrained in his response to Iran’s multiple attacks on U.S. held military bases. In the last year, Iran started escalating its attacks on America.

Prior to the December 2019 embassy attack that left one American dead, Iran and its proxies carried out 11 attacks on facilities housing American contractors and service members, reports the New York Times. 

Making matters worse for President Trump is the fact that it was Barack Obama’s secret pallets of cash that paid for the multiple attacks Iran carried out, including the one last night. But that didn’t stop idiots like Rob Reiner from making ludicrous statements against our president.

“We’re being led into another disastrous war by a Lying Ignorant Fool. God help US,” tweeted Reiner as Iran fired missiles toward US troops.

Bette Midler also embarrassed herself by getting into a “Twitter war” with Nick Adams, who is a best selling author and backer of President Trump.

“President Trump is the man in control of the trigger – the United States could wipe Iran off the map. But we know this President will have a measured response, like he always does. We have one of the smartest and calmest leaders in World History. America is stronger than ever!” tweeted Adams.

“With all due respect, Mr. Adams, you are dumb as a brick. Iran is thousands of years old, gigantic, & 70 % of its people are under 50, now whipped into a frenzy of hate. That’s what your idiot ‘man in control’ has done. He’s ‘cocked and loaded’ and you’re just a suckup,” Midler responded.

Of course, not to be left out of making an utter fool of themselves, Rosie O’Donnell also had to weigh in last night. “Donald Trump must be removed – now #NoWarWithlran,” O’Donnell tweeted. 

Well, President Trump just proved these Hollywood haters were all wrong. 

The Hollywood Trump-haters and their Democrat cohorts were hoping President Trump would go rogue and start World War III. In fact, you could make the case they were banking on it. Instead, Trump destroys them by doing exactly what he promised to do when he ran for president.

When Iran killed one American as they sacked our embassy, Trump responded by killing Soleimani, who was planning imminent attacks on America. The president’s foreign policy is simple: “America first.” If you kill an American, there will be a price to pay. Trump also knew the exact place where Iran would attack and knew it would be negligible thanks to the Pentagon intercepting “chatter.”

“Trump, after showing patience and restraint to prior Iranian escalations, can respond to Iranian tit-for-tat without getting near Iran, without commitments to any formal campaign, and without seeming to be a provocateur itching for war, but in theory doing a lot more damage to an already damaged Iranian economy either through drones, missiles, and bombing, or even more sanctions and boycotts to come,” said Victor Davis Hanson, a Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author of The Case for Trump.

The word out of Iran is the Mullahs are so afraid of the United States, they made sure none of their missiles hit any of our troops. Even in their outrage of the death of Qasem Soleimani, they dared not to target Americans.

Now, does this sound like a rogue mad-man hellbent on war?  

“President Donald Trump described Iran’s attack on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops Tuesday night, in which there were 15 missiles fired but no American casualties, as a decision by Iran to stand down,” Breitbart reports.

“The unusual description of a military operation both explained the Iranian regime’s apparent decision not to strike American targets directly, and the Trump administration’s decision not to retaliate again,” Breitbart added.

The Democrats and their Hollywood cohorts are either living in an alternate reality, or they are lying to Americans. 

Trump supporters know he ran on avoiding getting into conflicts, especially in the Middle East. However, when Iran and its proxies started attacking facilities housing American contractors and service members, and then they attacked our embassy in Iraq killing an American, the president had no choice but to respond with military force.

In fact, President Trump handled this Iran conflict brilliantly. He took out Iran’s most lethal general and caused Iran to back down. Everyone knows their missile attack last night was just to save face. More importantly, Iran and the rest of the world now know not to mess with America. What a difference from Obama’s policy which left America weaker by paying Iran $150 billion dollars and getting nothing in return.

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