Religion Of Peace Strikes Again, And This Time, It Was In A US Public School

Family members don’t often brutalize each other over minor religious offenses such as incorrectly praying the Rosary or forgetting to say “Amen” at the end of a prayer, but Islam is anything but normal or peaceful. This is seen over and over by those claiming to adhere to the teachings of Muhammad. The “religion of peace” has struck again, and this time, it was in a public school.

As we all know, pedophilia and the domination of women is inherent in the religion of Islam, first modeled by Muhammad himself, and there have been no attempts to change that, since their “prophet” is the man Muslims must emulate. Women are treated as cattle or worse, and often, they are not allowed to make their own decisions. One teenager found this out the hard way when she was dragged out of school and beaten.

Youssif Z. Omar

Youssif Z. Omar is a devout Muslim and, as a such, follows a strict Sharia law, which degrades women, even to the point that the woman is responsible for her own rape. Omar, as he was at a school in Columbia, South Carolina on Wednesday, noticed a 14-year-old female family member. His interest piqued to a point that he had to stop and confront the young woman.

She was not wearing a hijab, the traditional headscarf that some Muslim women wear. This was simply unacceptable to Omar, and he grabbed the girl by her hair, dragged her down a flight of stairs, and slapped her in the face because her attire offended him. Authorities were called after he pulled her by her hair into his car. Police arrested the “peaceful” Muslim on charges of child abuse. Unfortunately, he posted the $4500 bail and is free already.

If Islam is a peaceful religion, as apologists claim, Omar would have left the girl alone, since she was literally doing nothing at all wrong, especially in the eyes of the law and the school. But he became so irate and so utterly offended at the sight of the girl lacking the hijab that he flew into a violent sociopathic rage and attacked a 14-year-old girl. The left will keep defending Islam, however, until it’s too late to escape Sharia law.

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