Chelsea Says ‘Abortion Great For Economy,’ Franklin Graham Gives Her Epic Smackdown

Chelsea Clinton got hammered for saying that abortion is great for the American economy, claiming that women could abort their babies and go to work instead. After outraged Americans pointed out she is a liar, she refused to back down, repeating her outlandish claims. That’s when Franklin Graham stepped in and put the fear of God into Chelsea, and she won’t ever forget it. Don’t miss this. […]


Media Downplays Horrific Details About ‘Muslim’ Compound

You probably haven’t heard much about the horrific details that were revealed on Monday surrounding the “extremist” compound where children were reportedly being trained to carry out school shootings. That’s because the mainstream media is working overtime to bury this story. Let’s make this go viral so the press cannot hide the truth about what was found at this compound in the desert. […]