Rep. Omar Gets Destroyed Over ‘Disrespectful’ Response To Notre Dame Burning Down

Americans and Christians were outraged over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s response to the Notre Dame Cathedral burning down. In fact, the 12th-century church is a vital part of Western Civilization and stands as a holy place for Catholics around the world. That’s why Omar got destroyed after she publicized her “disrespectful” remarks. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and Notre Dame Cathedral burning (Mark Wilson/Getty Images, ABC News/Screenshot)

Rep. Ilhan Omar must have been out to incite another controversy when she made a very disrespectful statement over the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. If Mecca is the center of Islam, then Notre Dame would be one of the most important spots in the history of Western Civilization and Christianity.

Christians in the 12th century, without the aid of modern construction devices, and by their sheer faith in God, built this massive cathedral which causes the churchgoer to look upward at the grand heights and toward the Lord.

“Notre Dame of Paris is our history, our literature, our imagination. The place where we survived epidemics, wars, liberation. It has been the epicenter of our lives,” President Emmanuel Macron said from the scene. In contrast, ISIS terrorists were celebrating. The great cathedrals of Europe have been their stated targets for years.

“ISIS fanatics are heartlessly reveling in the inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral just days before Easter calling it ‘retribution and punishment’, according to terror intelligence researcher,” the Daily Mail reported. “A poster of the blazing cathedral appeared online accompanied by the words, ‘Have a good day,’ and was created by the ISIS-affiliated Al-Muntasir group according to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium.”

The poster says: “Its construction began in the year 1163 and ended in 1345. It’s time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.” As of this writing, the French fire officials state their investigation is underway, but they still stand by their initial response that the fire was started by “accident.”

And so what was Rep. Omar’s response? While the Minnesota Congresswoman was not outright taking delight in the historic cathedral’s demise, she angered many people with her bizarre cold statement.

“Art and architecture have a unique ability to help us connect across our differences and bring people together in important ways. Thinking of the people of Paris and praying for every first responder trying to save this wonder,” tweeted the Minnesota Congresswoman.

Americans were outraged the Somali immigrant refrained from acknowledging Notre Dame as a cathedral or church — a holy place of where Catholics and Christians worship God. Was that on purpose? Well, many who responded to Omar’s remark think so.

“This is disrespectful toward Catholics specifically and Christians in general. Notre Dame represents a bit more than ‘art and architecture’ — lest anyone think Omar merely enjoys dissing Jews,” tweeted Noah Pollack, a contributor to the Free Beacon.

“If you notice, #IlhanOmar can’t bring herself to reference #NotreDameCathedral She references it as Art & Architecture, and a wonder, which it is. Yet, she forgets to call it by name, Notre Dame Cathedral, & the history behind it. Wonder why? We know why…” posted Twitter user “Audji,” which garnerd over 7,000 “likes.”

“Did the Louvre burn, or was it a storage facility for overflow art? Or was it a Catholic cathedral? Can’t tell from this word salad,” tweeted Derek Hunter, a reporter for the Daily Caller.

“Arguably the world’s most famous Christian cathedral is here reduced by @IlhanMN to mere ‘art and architecture’ as if it were interchangeable with the National Museum of Somalia or something. The glaring omission is noted,” tweeted “Joe the Dissident.”

“Say the words ‘Catholic, holy, Christian(s), then it will be genuine. This isn’t a ‘wonder’. It’s an 859-year-old piece of Christian history that was toiled over for 200 years by generations of devoted Catholics,” posted Twitter user “Amie Whatsherface,” and it garnered over 2,900 likes.

No one made the 37-year-old Congresswoman make a statement on the Notre Dame cathedral. However, she felt the need to chose her words very carefully, and the result offended Catholics and Christians around the world. It’s downright bizarre that she can’t name the church and only refers to Notre Dame as a “wonder.” Did she do that on purpose? Well, the majority of people who responded to her tweet believe she did.

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