Repairman Makes Special Offer When He Learns Why Woman’s Husband Is Away

Many people don’t realize how stressful life can be for a soldier while they are deployed. Not only are they often away from their families, but when their loved ones call with a problem, they often can’t help. However, when one soldier’s wife called him stressed out over their broken furnace, neither one of them ever expected what would happen when the heating guy arrived at their home.

Bobby and Bridget Stevens are a happy couple from Pennsylvania. Their story is similar to many military marriages, considering Bobby is deployed and Bridget is left to manage their home and kids alone. However, one night when Bridget arrived home, their house was 50 degrees after their furnace unexpectedly wouldn’t turn on. In an effort to get it up and running, she called her husband, who instructed her as she tried many things, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get the heater to budge.

Bridget Stevens and Bobby Stevens

The chain of events that happened next was so inspirational that she posted the entire story to Facebook for all of her friends to see.

“This is a bit lengthy, but I just want to take a minute to acknowledge Betlyn Heating and Cooling,” Bridget began in her post. “I came home with the boys to a cold house that was 50 degrees. When turning up the thermostat was not kicking the furnace on, I called Betlyn’s, thinking I’d get a machine and have to leave a message, then run to the store for space heaters.”

Luckily, she was surprised when the store’s owner, Paul Betlyn, answered the phone. She explained that he was very patient while offering her different things to try to get her furnace to work. Unfortunately, nothing got it to turn back on, and Paul explained that he would need to come directly to her house to fix it and immediately came over.

Heating Guy Pulls A Fast One When He Finds Out Woman Is A Soldier’s Wife
The Stevens family

“As he was working on the furnace, we got to talking about Bobby and the deployment,” Bridget’s post continued. “I had mentioned in passing that I tried to figure it out with my husband, but since he’s deployed and couldn’t see it, he wouldn’t know what to do.”


When Paul finished, she explained that she was “apprehensive” about the cost of the furnace repairs. So, when he handed her the receipt, she was more than shocked to see that it said “deployment discount” and charged her only a dollar for his service. She explains, “When I tried to give him any money at all, he said that the $1 was a joke, and to thank my husband for his service.”

It’s nice to hear that a soldier was recognized for his service. There aren’t many people out there who would be willing to not only drop everything to help fix a problem, but also take a financial hit to their business to make sure a soldier’s family was warm.

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