Reporter Rudely Interrupts Sarah Huckabee Sanders, She Pauses Briefly & Then DESTROYS Him

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rules the White House press room like no other press secretary we have seen before her. She isn’t afraid to put the shamelessly liberal members of the media in their respective places, and she’s witty as all get out. Recently, when a reporter rudely interrupted her, she paused briefly and then destroyed him in epic fashion for disrespecting her.

Fox News reporter John Decker is pictured at a White House press briefing (left), White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders raises her hand to admonish Fox News reporter John Decker during a live press conference on Friday, November 17, 2017, after he would not stop interrupting her when given repeated warnings to reign in his disrespectful behavior (right) (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit, Screengrab/YouTube)

Sarah Sanders returned this week from a whirlwind trip to Asia alongside President Donald Trump, which lasted nearly two weeks and saw the pair visit five Pacific Rim nations. She showed no sign of slowing down upon her return home, though, as the GOP worked tirelessly to get tax reform passed through Congress.

After such an arduous three weeks, Sanders was certainly in no mood to put up with the usual antics of White House reporters. So, when John Decker from Fox News wouldn’t stop interrupting her, she quickly shut him down, having no patience for his irreverent behavior.

Kevin Hassett, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, joined Sanders at the Friday press conference to discuss the tax reform bills moving through Congress at the moment, according to The White House. After Hassett was done with his question and answer session, Sanders took the podium to answer some questions of her own.

Of course, many of the reporters were still stuck on the Roy Moore allegations, completely ignoring the more recent allegations against Democratic Senator Al Franken, but Sanders told them that she had already answered fifteen questions on Roy Moore the day before and that President Trump had already made his statement on the matter.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has received a wide array of sexual misconduct questions from the briefing room podium in recent days.

Sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore and Minnesota Senator Al Franken have reignited the past harassment allegations against numerous politicians, including President Trump. President Trump was accused of past sexual harassment by multiple women during the 2016 presidential campaign. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Mid-way through the question and answer session, Decker started to be quite rude to Sanders and would not listen to her telling him that she needed to move on and take another of his colleagues’ questions so that it would be fair to everyone in attendance.

Even though she was very patient with her warnings, Decker refused to shut up, leaving Sanders no choice but to admonish him in front of his fellow reporters like a petulant child who needed to be put in time out.

Sanders raised her hand and stunned the entire room when she looked Decker directly in the eye and sternly told him, “John, I’m trying to be respectful of your colleagues.”

Of course, it was implied that the rude reporter was not being respectful of his colleagues, so Sanders was forced to do it for him. At this point, after having been embarrassed in front of the entire room, Decker finally stopped interrupting Sanders so that others could have a chance to ask their own questions.

Sarah Sanders has three small children at home, so it goes without saying that she knows a thing or two about discipline. However, she shouldn’t have to be putting grown adults in their places like this. That’s just pathetic. You would think that the White House press room, of all places, would be somewhere that more decorum was shown, but apparently not.

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