Reporter Makes Chilling Prediction After Liberals Are Now Seen Toting Guns

Armed communists protest in the Phoenix area as the pro-Trump rally winds down nearby (left inset), Barack Obama shoots a shotgun (right)

Liberals have recently decided that all the power they’ve given to the federal government is a bad thing because, suddenly, it’s in the hands of someone they don’t like. Now, Phoenix-area leftists are ratcheting up tensions with their recent open carry protest at the state capitol, and the cowards are not likely done yet. In fact, one leftist reporter has a chilling prediction for what this is signaling for America.

Normally, a leftist finally deciding to carry a gun would be considered a good thing. It would mean they’ve done what most Second Amendment supporters have spent time doing — researching, training, and learning proper gun safety. It would mean that they’ve possibly even shopped around for the best gun for themselves and saved up the money to buy the tool of self-defense. Most importantly, it would mean they’ve gotten on board with 2A rights. However, liberals don’t make anything that easy, and gun-toting liberals can only mean one thing according to a Phoenix-area reporter.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a few communists decided to show up at a pro-Trump rally as a form of counter-protest against President Donald Trump. They oddly had guns and were crazy enough that they were allegedly feared. They certainly didn’t look like your typical leftists, crying in the corner while wearing a pink pussy hat.

On the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza-side of 17th Avenue, a group of left-wingers stood as a “Make America Great Again” rally was winding down. Most of them decided to mask their faces, but a few were more revealing. Many of them were armed with long guns and bore a resemblance to the open carry activists of a few years ago.

Some of the counter-protestors at the MAGA march.

The group, calling themselves the “Redneck Revolt,” carried a flier which they handed out to those approaching their protest. A quick visit to their website lets one know that these are not anarchists or even your typical liberals. These are full-blown communists. They want to put the “red” back in “redneck,” red being the symbolic color of communism. They seek the destruction of the free market while rallying against white supremacy.

No other race was specifically included on their website, and the mostly all white protesters didn’t even pretend that they were protesting for liberty and freedom. What they want is complete control of the economy and a society based on the Communist Manifesto.

A Phoenix-area reporter, who is self-described as a “big fat liberal,” made the observation that this group was anything but peaceful. Steven Lemons said that the violent shoving and confrontational nature of the armed left-wingers signified one thing to him: all out civil war and bloodshed could be on the horizon. What also stood out as odd was that many of these leftists tended to keep their faces and identities a secret. They showed fear in what they are supposedly standing up for.

That, to me personally, signifies that there’s an embarrassment associated with this type of political affiliation. But, in all honesty, communists should be embarrassed by their beliefs in a failed ideology. The masks are the outward reflection of an inward coward.

By comparison, most Trump supporters show not only their faces but tell reporters their names. They don’t hide like the cowards of the far-left. They stand proudly knowing that their beliefs are founded on the actual principles of freedom and liberty, not death, bloodshed, communism, and destruction.

Liberals deciding to arm themselves could signify that a war is on the horizon and there is actually a handful of leftists willing to sling bullets in the name of communism. Fidel Castro would be proud. Although it’s hard to say if these communists intend to start a war or if they were simply trying to make a statement, it’s hypocritical to see liberals toting guns after years of rallying against the weapons and doing everything in their power to remove guns from the hands of others.

The hypocrisy is lost on no one, and the gun toting liberals remain cowards. Refusing to give a reporter their names or offer interviews shows that they are scared of their own belief system; the same system that has historically come crashing down in flames after many years of genocide and starvation. The future looks bleak when communists start getting serious.

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