Reporter Has Brutal Reply After Maxine Waters Humiliates Herself On Live TV

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Reporter Has Brutal Reply After Maxine Waters Humiliates Herself On Live TV
Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) (left & right), Peter Alexander (center)

A smug Maxine Waters recently appeared on national television in order to once again bash President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, the face time she was about to get with the public would quickly backfire as she managed to completely and utterly humiliate herself live once again – but this time would be made so much worse by the interview host’s brutal reply.

The incident took place on MSNBC as Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) and NBC News National Correspondent Peter Alexander decided to have a little chat on live television about the recent firing of now-former FBI Director James Comey. Oddly enough, the conversation started in hostile fashion as Alexander played a clip of Waters announcing in disgust that Comey lacked credibility.

“You obviously have been very critical of James Comey in the past,” Alexander immediately said to Waters. “You said that he had ‘no credibility,’ I assume you support the president’s decision then, to fire his FBI director.” Of course, she immediately sprang into self-defense while still attacking Trump every chance she could, as Weasel Zippers reports.

“No, I do not, necessarily support the president’s decision,” Waters began. “If the president had not gone all over the country praising him about the way he handled Hillary and the emails, if the president said he had confidence in him, if the president had not said he was a part of his team, then…,” she rambled before being interrupted.

Unfortunately for her, this wasn’t her typical, soap box style interview as Alexander cut her off, asking, “But Congresswoman, I understand that in the past he was praising him, but if you said that FBI Director James Comey had no credibility, wouldn’t you support the fact that the president, then candidate Trump, now President Trump, made the decision to get rid of him?”

As BizPac Review points out, Alexander’s point, although very reasonable, was poison to Waters. “Oh no! No no no no no NO,” she repeated. “No, not necessarily, and let me tell you why. You have an investigation going on where the president is implicated, and this is a serious investigation. I’ve been trying to get people to focus on this connection with the Kremlin, and with Putin. I have a resolution that I introduced in February, I think that there’s enough there that we know about the Kremlin and about Putin to be concerned about whether or not there was collusion.”

As the American people know, Waters has been on a non-stop crusade to delegitimize President Trump despite personally admitting that there is absolutely no evidence pertaining to her claims of Trump-Russia “collusion.” However, she wasn’t done there when it came to humiliating herself on live television as she continued to show off her pathetic bias and hypocrisy.

“So Congresswoman … to be clear, you believe it would have been better to keep in place an FBI Director who you said had no credibility to oversee this investigation than to find someone who you think would be a better choice,” Alexander said.

“No, but I believe the president thought that,” she answered. “Don’t forget, you’re talking about what some Democrat said, what I said, but don’t forget, he was the president. The president supported him, he had confidence in him, it was within his power.”

When asked if it would have been acceptable for Hillary Clinton, if she had hypothetically been elected, to have fired Comey, Waters simply replied that it would have been – and that’s when Alexander dropped the hammer. “So she should have fired him, but he (Trump) shouldn’t have fired him?” he asked. “This is why I’m confused.”

The cornered and panicked Walters tried to crawl her way out of the hole she just dug by saying, “No, no you’re not confused,” but it didn’t work as Alexander simply insisted, “I am confused.” Apparently, Maxine Waters is too.

Of course, most of the nation is also baffled by the left’s response as these are the same people that were calling for James Comey’s termination just a few short months ago. All these leftists are doing is showing that they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, a toxic mentality where sufferers attack the president for everything he does, even if it is something they personally wanted. Maxine Waters is about as pathetic and desperate as they come – but now, she’s shown it off for the world to see.