Reporters Interrupt Trump At UN Meeting, POTUS Shuts Them Up With Perfect Reply

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President Donald Trump is attending the United Nations General Assembly this week, where he held a press conference on Tuesday with Iván Duque Márquez, the president of Colombia. Trump was answering questions about the topics at hand when he was interrupted by reporters asking about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. That’s when the president shut them up with the perfect response.

President Donald Trump holds a press conference with Iván Duque Márquez, the president of Colombia, during the United Nations General Assembly (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although President Donald Trump is in New York City this week to attend the United Nations General Assembly, most of the news coverage has centered around the sexual misconduct allegations leveled at Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday alongside his first accuser, Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Even the reporters covering President Trump’s movements at the UN this week couldn’t seem to get past the Kavanaugh case, ignoring matters at hand in favor of pestering POTUS regarding his Supreme Court pick. In true Trump form, the president did not mince words with his response.

“I think he is just a wonderful human being,” Trump said. “I think it’s horrible what the Democrats have done. It’s a con game they play; they are con artists. … They’re lousy politicians. … They’re good at one thing – OBSTRUCTING. … [Kavanaugh] has never had any charges like this. Charges come up from 36 years ago, that are totally unsubstantiated? … This is a con game being played by the Democrats. … It’s a shame you can do this to a person’s life. … It would be a horrible insult to this country if this doesn’t happen. … It cannot be allowed to happen.”

Indeed, the accusations being made against Kavanaugh by the Democrats have seemed shady from the very beginning. For starters, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) received Christine Blasey Ford’s letter in July. She sat on that letter, which detailed Ford’s claims against Kavanaugh, for six weeks. During that time, the judge sat for 65 meetings with various senators, among them, Diane Feinstein. Yet she never confronted him about the rape claims.

Likewise, Feinstein did not say a word about Ford’s allegations during the hours and hours of testimony Kavanaugh sat through while his confirmation hearing unfolded. Not until the eve of the well-respected judge’s confirmation did Feinstein make Ford’s letter public — after the Democrats had already exhausted all other means of thwarting President Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

Similarly, when it appeared as though Ford would not testify and Kavanaugh’s confirmation was on the horizon, the Democrats produced yet another woman claiming the judge had assaulted her, this time, while he was a freshman at Yale. Once again, the woman had no evidence whatsoever and all of the witnesses to the alleged incident deny that it ever happened.

It’s not very hard to see what’s going on here. As long as the Republicans allow the Democrats to go on producing woman after woman with flimsy and unsubstantiated claims against Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats will continue to use this sleazy tactic to derail the judge’s confirmation. There’s no evidence needed when you have millions of brainless idiots who think you should “Believe Survivors” no matter what they say, no matter how long it’s been since they were allegedly assaulted. So much for being innocent until you’re proven guilty.

It should be noted that the left was not so quick to believe the women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. In fact, those women were demonized, ostracized, and intimidated by the Democrats and their girl Hillary Clinton. Apparently, you’re only supposed to “Believe Survivors” if they’re liberal.

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