Reporters Irate At What Melania Quietly Did When They Weren’t Looking

Reporters Irate At What Melania Quietly Did When They Weren't Looking
Melania Trump (left), Melania Trump with Donald Trump (right)

For the entire campaign season, Melania Trump was slandered by liberals and their mainstream media who wanted to make her look worse than Michelle Obama. Having come through the verbal lashing with dignity and class still intact, our future First Lady proved she’s not as timid as the media thought.

Like dogs to raw meat, people dug their teeth into Melania, relentlessly attacking her character and virtue with rumored stories about her past, thinking that she was an easy target. It’s a technique as old as time, used to discredit her husband and attempt to destroy his chances of becoming president, which obviously failed to work. Now, this bold woman is proving what a mistake they made in their assumptions.

In an article published by Daily Mail on August 20, titled “Racy photos, and troubling questions about his wife’s past that could derail Trump,” the site reported a rumor, alleging that Melania once worked as an escort. Daily Mail has since issued a retraction of that story after messing with the wrong First Lady-to-be, who rightfully didn’t appreciate the disgusting things they were spreading about her.

When liberals least expected it, Melania hired famed attorney Charles Harder, who filed a $150 million defamation suit in September against Daily Mail on her behalf. However, what liberals are saying about it now is grossly hypocritical.

Leftists suddenly care about the First Amendment now that the use of it has come back to bite them, but they are madly against free speech when their candidate loses an election and are doing everything in their power to strip people of the right to share their opinions online. According to LawNewz, Melania and her attorney have no right to sue the website for libel since they were allegedly reporting “actual news about government officials and public figures.” However, Harder said that the disturbing allegations written about his client are false.

Apparently, only liberal government officials and public figures are off limits when it comes to the right to free speech, but conservatives are fair game. This is the reason there is now an attack on media outlets, who reported against Hillary Clinton during the race, as leftists blame her loss on social media — not her own actions. Hillary didn’t win the election because of what she personally did that was brought to light, which Americans had the right to know to make an informed decision about the candidates.