Reporters Tried to Get Mattis to Say He’s a Democrat, His Response Ignites Social Media

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After President Donald Trump’s interview with 60 Minutes, reporters bombarded Secretary of Defense James Mattis on his way to Vietnam. Among the flurry of questions they threw at him, they questioned his loyalty to the Trump administration. Spinning a comment Trump made, they asked if Mattis was a Democrat. The former Marine’s answer was simply perfect.

Reporters grilled Secretary of Defense James Mattis over his party affiliation. (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Josh Edelson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The press really doesn’t get it. They seem to go out of their way to malign and damage the president’s reputation. Their shockingly slanted news coverage has put a massive wedge between this administration and the free press.

Not that we’re surprised. The mainstream media has had a liberal bias for years. Whenever a Republican is in office, we can count on dishonest news coverage. It’s a wonder that President Trump even bothers to speak with the media at this point.

Despite their constant abuse, Trump sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes. Predictably, they spun his comments to make him look bad. When discussing the stellar performance of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Trump made the comment that Mattis was “kind of a Democrat.”

That’s not much to go on. It’s hardly a declaration of the man’s politics. Yet the fake news pounced on this off-handed remark as some kind of admission of tensions between the president and Mattis.

Reporters swarmed the SoD as he boarded a plane for Vietnam. Instead of asking him important questions — like his plans for the trip — they grilled him over the president’s statements.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis met with reporters on his flight to Vietnam and answered questions about his relationship with President Donald Trump.

First up, Sec. Mattis didn’t even watch the “60 Minutes” segment that set the MSM on fire when the president said the retired 4 star general was “kind of a Democrat.” [Source: Twitchy]

Wow, what a bombshell! The press was hoping for Mattis to be angry over the president’s comments. But he didn’t even watch the interview!

Why should he? Mattis has a close working relationship with this president. Chances are, they speak frequently. Both are on the same page about America’s military agenda. Why does Mattis need to watch an interview, where the president won’t even come close to discussing our Armed Forces’ strategy?

That interview would hardly portray their relationship accurately, given the fake news’ track record. But the media is so arrogant, they really think Mattis is sitting on the edge of his seat, worried about what Trump might say about him.

Give me a break.

Some even spun the president’s comments so wildly, that they assume Mattis will be leaving the administration. It’s just more fake news to add to the pile.

Finally, the liberal media pressed Mattis for what they really wanted to know. Is he a Democrat? That news would be a huge bombshell in the fake news world. Despite the fact that Trump works with both Republicans and Democrats in his administration, the media would spin this as some kind of problem from the president. “His top man is a Dem! Now he’s in trouble!”

This is what Mattis said:

But even that lengthy and thoughtful response wasn’t enough for the media. They pressed him to get specific and he humiliated them.

There you have it. Mattis is not a partisan hack, who is going to play along with the left’s games. His top priority is to serve the President of the United States in keeping our country safe. He’s served Democrats and Republicans. His current mission has received support from both parties in Congress. There is no reason he has to jump into the pathetic, leftist quagmire they have created over the last 2 years.

That kind of intelligent, pro-America response is shockingly lacking in this day and age. Most people are so quick to spew their partisan rhetoric, forgetting that America and our values should come first. The media has so whipped our country into a frenzy, everyone is either a far-left maniac or far-right fascist. At least the man tasked with keeping us safe is keeping a level head.