Before You Riot, 1 Thing You Should Know About ‘Unarmed’ Man Shot By Cop

The leftist media is currently doing what they do best — spinning a bad situation into something worse in order to promote their agenda. Unfortunately, they’re attacking the police over an “unarmed” black man who was recently shot and killed. However, before you start a riot and burn your own community to the ground, there’s just one thing you need to know – and it changes everything.

If you haven’t heard by now, much of the so-called “progressive” world is outraged today over yet another “senseless” police shooting. This time, it involved 40-year-old Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man who even had his hands up just before the shooting.

Unfortunately for the left, officers have most recently released what actually happened, along with a few videos, and it blew a gaping hole in their narrative. Of course, the left would have you believe that Crutcher was executed for nothing more than being black, but this clearly wasn’t the case.

The recently released footage starts several minutes into an altercation between Crutcher and police. For reasons unknown, the 40-year-old black man stopped his car in the middle of the road, blocking both lanes of traffic.

Of course, the leftist media is saying that his car broke down, but seeing where he left the car and that it was still running – that clearly wasn’t the case. Before long, officers caught up with the man, but things immediately started going downhill. According to reports, and even heard by an officer in the police chopper at the time, Crutcher may have been on drugs, further adding to the already chaotic situation.

As can be seen in the video, officers try to get Crutcher to comply, but he clearly isn’t willing to do so. Although he has his hands up, he is being followed by several concerned police officers who are undoubtedly barking orders at the man.

Rather than following a lawful order from the police, Crutcher walks back over to his car – and that’s about the time that the crap hits the fan. According to police reports, the thug not only wasn’t complying with police, but he actually decided to reach inside his car just prior to being shot by Officer Betty Shelby and simultaneously tasered by another cop at the scene. The police can back up their orders with force because it’s often a crime to disobey a lawful order from an officer.

Although Crutcher was brought to an area hospital, he died of his injuries. Now, the left is saying that this is yet another case of police brutality and are referring to it as the senseless slaying of an “unarmed” black man – but that’s not really the case.

How many times do people have to tell these idiots to comply with the police? Instead, these entitled punks want to put up a fight and are then shocked to have deadly force used against them.

Before You Get Mad, 1 Thing You Should Know About ‘Unarmed’ Man Shot By Cop

As we all know, this unarmed narrative is complete and utter nonsense. Although Crutcher may not have had a weapon on him at the time, his failure to comply, along with his reaching in the car, provided a potentially dangerous situation for police. For all those cops knew at the time, he was reaching for a gun.

Unfortunately, this is what the left does – they leave out little details in order to paint the situation in a much different light. After all, who wouldn’t be upset by an innocent man being executed by the police? A non-compliant thug suspiciously reached inside his car for “something” amid an already dangerous situation. The officers had no choice but to defend themselves when Crutcher made that decision.

The left needs to quit with their antics because, in the end, they’re only making things worse. With racial tension in this nation at a tipping point, we need to be careful and address the root problem here – an entitled society thinking they’re above the law. I’m going to break it down for you real simple. If you don’t want to get shot, comply with the police. If you choose not to, you could end up like Crutcher — and rightfully so.

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