Rioters Beat Man Thought To Be Nazi, Then Find Out Who He Really Was

Violent protesters at UC Berkeley assaulted innocent bystanders, burned property, and vandalized their own campus on February 1st to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a speech.

On February 1st, UC Berkeley’s campus was turned into a burning primitive zoo by students and agitators who didn’t want Milo Yiannopoulos exercising his right to free speech at their school. Now, an embarrassing shockwave has rocked liberals as America learns that protesters beat a man who they thought was a Nazi, and they couldn’t have been more wrong.

According to a report by the New York Times, the man beaten by Berkeley rioters was a Syrian Muslim. Progressive fanatical Berkeley students brutally assaulted a man who they were supposed to be protesting on behalf of, and the embarrassment is colossal.

Observing just a few moments of video footage from the riots gives anyone watching a vivid reminder that liberals are extremely hypocritical in their claim to be a tolerant bunch.

Malini Ramaiyer, a reporter for The New York Times, was present during the attack on the Syrian Muslim man. She gave the following account of the assault:

Until Wednesday, I never felt in danger during a protest. Around 7 p.m. I saw a huddle of people yelling at one another. As more people surrounded them, a burning red trucker’s hat was held up on a stick. There were reports that another student wearing what appeared to be a “Make America Great Again” hat was severely injured.

Then I saw someone wearing all black walk up to a student wearing a suit and say, “You look like a Nazi.” The student was confused, but before he could reply, the black-clad person pepper-sprayed him and hit him on the back with a rod.

I ran after the student who was attacked to get his name and more information. He told me that he is a Syrian Muslim. Before I could find out more, he fled, fearing another attack.

It sounds like a lefty reporter got a rude awakening to her own clan’s ugly, violent underbelly. Ramaiyer went on to say that most of the protesters were not from the campus, which supports Breitbart’s report that billionaire socialist George Soros paid professional agitators to riot at UC Berkeley.

Ramaiyer also remarked at how scared and upset she was at the sight of her fellow lefties assaulting innocent people and burning parts of the campus. Her report is exactly what the liberal progressive world needs. They need to see one of their own reporters shaken up by the violent actions of their own.

UC Berkeley has no claim to tolerance, civil rights, or peaceful protest. Their only legacy for 2017 is bigotry and violence combined with an embarrassing report that they beat a Syrian Muslim during their night of terror.

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