Riots Break Out In Chicago After Police Shooting, Video Shows Shocking Truth

Riots broke out in Chicago after a black barber, affectionately called “Snoop” by the community, was shot by the police on Saturday. Video of the shooting showed unequivocally that the shooting was justified, but that was still not enough for some people who still found a way to blame the police.

Rioters on a police car (left), Harith Agustus holding gun (right), rioters (inset) (Photo Credit: Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot)

A minor riot broke out on Saturday after Harith Agustus was shot and killed by the police as he attempted to run from them. Before finding out any of the facts, protestors went into riot mode, hitting police with bottles of urine and jumping on police cars.

The protestors flung rocks and bottles, some which had urine in them, at the police who attempted to control the riot. Some officers had to use batons to control the crowd, The Chicago Tribune reported.

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The protestors had kind things to say about Agustus, painting the picture of a nice man who was murdered by the police for no reason. “He cut my hair and got killed 10 minutes later,” Antoine Howell, 42, a client of Agustus, said. “I’m hurt. … I gotta go on with my life, but I loved that man.”

Trina Porter, whose nephew, James Hartsfield, was killed by Arkansas police last year, said she stayed at the protest because she believed that the police unjustly shot Agustus. “We want justice,” she said. “We just went through that.”

“We just want to live,” one woman told The Chicago Sun-Times. “Our black kids keep getting killed. We just want to live.”

“Every time they kill one of us they’re doing an injustice to everybody,” Aldo Reyes, who lives on The South Side, said. “They feel the heat, they know they’re wrong.”

“This is not even over,” Maria Hernandez, 27, told the crowd on a megaphone. “Tomorrow we’re going to be having a meeting … to talk about what we really need to do to move this forward and bring justice to our people and our community.”

But it should be over. Police showed body camera footage of the shooting on Sunday to ease the tension in the community. The video shows, with no doubt, that Agustus was carrying a gun, reached for it, and had it in his hand when he was shot by police. He was far from the innocent barber shot in the back as he was running, which witnesses described.

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“In the interest of transparency & to dispel inaccurate information, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has ordered the early release of body-worn camera video in yesterday’s officer-involved shooting,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement.

The video shows four officers approach Agustus when one points to his waist and backs off. Three officers grab his arms as he struggles to get free. His shirt moves, showing the firearm. The video then pauses and zooms in on the semi-automatic weapon and two clips that Agustus was carrying.

Agustus then ran from the police, darting between an SUV and a police cruiser, as he reached for his weapon. He had his hand on the gun when he was shot. Case closed, correct? Not for some.

“Dylann Roof killed nine people and was brought in unharmed,” Charles Preston said on Twitter. “People making excuses for CPD killing a man who did nothing but have a gun on him.”

Did nothing but have a gun? The video shows otherwise.

“I hope there’s a special place in hell for ppl who are only vocal about police shootings of Black ppl when they’re trying to justify their deaths. There is silence until they hear a gun was found. Just admit it’s not the gun that makes you justify his murder,” Hoda Katebi said.

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It did not matter what that video showed, there was going to be a group of people who blamed the police. They despise law enforcement and they do not believe police have a right to defend themselves. If you watch the video with an open mind, there is no doubt that the shooting was justified, but when you have an agenda, you see what you want to see.