Road Sign Gets Hacked, What It Says About Hillary Has Everyone Cheering

On Interstate 30 outside of Dallas, Texas, an electronic road sign got hacked and what the new message said was causing quite a buzz. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a lot of fans in the Republican state of Texas, and the sign told her exactly what Southern justice is all about. During this heated election season, people are making their feelings clear and you’ll love one hacker’s feelings for Hillary displayed on this sign.

Hillary For Prison sign

Hillary’s campaign is meeting a lot of resistance lately, and much of it has to do with her record as Secretary of State. It was not surprising when this sign on Interstate 30 was changed to say “Hillary For Prison.” According to Fox News 4 in Dallas:

Fox 4 News reported Saturday that a lighted sign along Interstate 30 between Hampton Road and Sylvan Avenue was changed to read, “Hillary for Prison.” (The hacker spelled everything right, but whoever labeled the image for Fox 4 stuck an extra “r” in prison.)

The sign’s message alternately said, “Free Barrett Brown,” a reference to the Dallas writer with ties to the “hacktivist” collective Anonymous.

Brown, 34, is serving 63 months in federal prison for an array of crimes stemming from the FBI’s investigation into the release of millions of emails hacked from a private intelligence contractor in Austin. [via Gateway Pundit]

For this hacker to declare that Hillary should go to prison is just in time for the bad news on the email scandal. As the email scandal comes to a head, the word is that President Obama won’t be allowing the Department of Justice to file charges against her.

Why not? Well, Obama has a huge problem if Hillary is found guilty in the email scandal. Obama received several emails from Hillary’s illegal account. He was aware that she was using a non-sanctioned email account for top secret emails, and he himself would be guilty as a co-defendant.

He knowingly returned emails to her private account, making him just as guilty as she is. Obama will never let Hillary stand trial for any of her scandals. If he does, he runs the risk of going to prison himself.

The list is long of those in the Obama regime who should be in prison — Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, and of course King Obama. If you ask most conservative Americans, they all feel the same way. These scumbags all have committed treason in some way and deserve life in prison without ever getting parole.

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