Rob Schneider Destroys Dems, Dropped BRUTAL Hammer They Never Saw Coming

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Rob Schneider Destroys Dems, Dropped BRUTAL Hammer They Never Saw Coming
Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi (left) and Chuck Schumer (right), just got destroyed by Rob Schneider (center)

Although the left’s been trying to bring down President Donald Trump by whatever means possible, many Americans have grown sick of the unwarranted attacks. Proving just that, famed actor and comedian Rob Schneider spoke out and obliterated the Democratic Party by dropping a brutal hammer on them that they never saw coming.

Hollywood is full of liberal idiots, but not everyone who’s lucky enough to have fame and fortune shares the leftist sentiments that usually come from the celebrity crowd. In fact, more and more actors have been coming out during recent days to say that the left is not only hypocritical but dangerous to society.

Among those stepping forward to comment on the state of our nation is funny-man Rob Schneider, known for his time with Saturday Night Live and many comedic movies. Although he’s usually making others laugh, the remarks he most recently made weren’t intended to be funny as he managed to completely destroy the Democratic Party and their mentality in the process.

Taking to Twitter, the comedian simply wrote:

Of course, anyone with half a brain could tell you that this whole “Russia” thing is a colossal waste of time, but the left seems hell-bent on grasping at straws when it comes to getting rid of President Trump. Unfortunately for them, the only evidence that has come forward pertaining to foreign intervention in our election suggests that their claims couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Despite this reality, Democrats are still saying that something needs to be done in regards to the fictional “treason” that they want so desperately for Americans to believe Trump took part in. However, all that the clowns are doing is making themselves out to be the misinformed, petty children that they actually are.

The fact here is that the left simply doesn’t like Trump. They’ve been throwing a national temper tantrum – worse than a toddler would – since his election. Their pathetic reaction has only gotten worse since. Spewing every rumor they can to try to discredit Trump, every single one of their issues with the president has been proven to be nothing more than the made up delusions of wishful thinkers.

Instead, Democrats and liberals should be taking a good hard look in the mirror to see why things are going so catastrophically wrong for them. Just as Schneider pointed out, they have no one else to blame for their failures and decline in popularity but themselves.

Sadly, the left seems hell-bent on pointing the finger at everyone else for their problems, but it won’t do them any good. We’re currently seeing the destruction of the left, and the best part comes from the fact that they’re doing it to themselves and they can’t, for the life of them, understand why it’s happening. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the pitiful left.