Mueller Preps “Damning” Report & Gets Hit With Unexpected Surprise — Heads Will Roll

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For weeks, the liberal media has been salivating for the forthcoming results of Robert Mueller’s 2-year-old Russian probe. Democrats are hoping for something that will finally take down President Donald Trump. With each passing day, that seems less and less likely. But what is likely is that Mueller will be exposed for wasting tax dollars on a witch hunt. Now, the special council is facing troubles of his own — and heads are going to roll.

President Donald Trump and Robert Mueller (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

More than two years have gone by while this Russian probe went on. As Donald Trump makes history in restoring America’s strength and economy, this probe has lingered as a dark cloud over our country. Democrats frequently point to Mueller’s investigation as proof that Trump is an illegitimate president.

Yet over the last two years, nothing of substance has come out. There has been nothing to suggest that there was any collusion between Donald Trump, his campaign, and the Russian government.

That hasn’t stopped Democrats from boasting that collusion did in fact happen and that Mueller will provide the evidence that will not only remove Trump from office but throw him in jail.

To think, this is all because Democrats cannot except the results of an election that happened over 2 years ago.

Speculation has grown since word came out that Mueller is preparing to release a report. Democrats and anti-Trumpers are hoping that he will provide the final nail in Trump’s coffin. But after all this time, it’s becoming less likely that Trump will be in any danger.

What we have learned in recent weeks is that Mueller was possible coercing Trump allies to testify against him. Now, a man investigated by Mueller is hitting back with a lawsuit. It might cost Mueller a pretty penny.

Conservative author and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi on Sunday filed a lawsuit against special counsel Robert Mueller, alleging that Mueller illegally surveilled him as part of the investigation.

Corsi, in the document filed in the District Court for the District of Columbia, also claims that Mueller’s office leaked confidential information surrounding Corsi’s testimony before the special counsel’s grand jury.

“Defendant Mueller and his prosecutorial and media staff, acting in their official capacity and personally, also illegally released grand jury information to harm Plaintiff Corsi by attempting to destroy his reputation and personal and professional well-being and livelihood, thus also attempting to drive him into bankruptcy,” the document reads in part…

Corsi has previously filed a complaint with the DOJ over the Mueller investigation, requesting that criminal and ethical investigations be opened up into the special counsel’s office.

Larry Klayman, Corsi’s attorney and the founder of conservative watchdogs Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, claimed in a statement that Mueller and his team “are allegedly themselves acting in a criminal manner to further their attempted ‘legal coup d’etat’ to remove the president from office by any illegal means.”

The document claims that the DOJ, FBI, NSA and CIA – in addition to Mueller – “have engaged in ongoing illegal, unconstitutional surveillance” on Corsi, violating his Fourth Amendment rights as well as other U.S. laws.

The conspiracy theorist also claimed that Mueller’s team had leaked information about Corsi to the media…

Corsi is requesting an injunction in his case, as well as $350 million in damages. [Source: The Hill]

Last week, Corsi claimed Mueller’s team tried to bully him and others into giving false testimony against Trump. He even filed a criminal complaint against the special counsel.

Corsi is putting forward the idea that Mueller — desperate to get dirt on Trump — is breaking the law in order to do so.

We know that Trump did not work with Russia. The results of the 2016 Election have everything to do with Americans taking their country back. It had nothing to do with “Russian bots” or Russian agents “stealing” our democracy.

Mueller’s probe was supposed to look at possible Russian meddling in 2016. Clearly, they found very little. But the probe has continued going on for years, without any results.

Corsi claims that Mueller moved from investigation Russia to shaking down Trump allies to get testimony against the president.

Now, Corsi is accusing Mueller of violating his Fourth Amendment rights and leaking personal information to the press. He is claiming Mueller’s investigation has harmed his career and livelihood, which is very possible. If you are the public target of a federal probe, it’s likely few people will want to hire you.

Right now, it’s impossible to prove that Corsi’s claims are true. It’s possible this man is just trying to get back at the probe, which he believes hurt him. But the timing is very important. Mueller and the media are hoping for a smoking gun to take down Trump.

Instead, we are seeing evidence that Mueller is the one breaking the law and violating the Constitution, solely for political reasons.

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