Crusty Old Rock Star Tells Americans To Dump Trump, Patriots Have A Better Idea

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Ancient Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards attacked President Donald Trump, telling Americans to “get rid” of him. The old musician thought that people would listen. Instead, patriots delivered a nasty surprise to the faded celebrity.

Rolling Stones guitarist had a word of advice for America. It wasn’t helpful. (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Raph_PH/Flickr)

Is there any group more irrelevant than the Rolling Stones? Once upon a time, they were on the cutting edge of rock n’ roll. The Stones represented everything the music stood for. Power. Passion. Sex. And free spirit.

Boy, that was a long time ago. Most people who remember the Rolling Stones fondly have trouble remembering to take their medications! Yet the band still limps along, squeezing out whatever’s left of the members’ golden years to go on one tour after another.

Of course, this tour will be the final one, they say. Then apparently, the money dries up and they’re forced to hit the road again.

But the Stones’ latest tour might not be as successful as they hope. Just before the aging band kicked off their “No Filter” tour, famed guitarist Keith Richards went on a rant. He spoke to the BBC about, of all things, President Donald Trump.

Apparently, a rock musician, who’s spent the better part of a century using drugs and blasting his head with noise, thinks he can tell America what to do. And he’s not even American.

During his rant, he insulted the President and told Americans to get rid of him. Mm… okay, we’ll get right on that.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards blasted President Trump in an interview warning Americans to “get rid” of the president and recalled the last time he got angry with the now commander-in-chief…

The legendary guitarist explained Trump was promoting their concert in Atlantic City during their 1989 “Steel Wheels” tour. However, Richards was fuming angry when he saw the show billed as “Donald Trump presents the Rolling Stones.”

“We never have much to do with promoters usually, but this one got me,” he continued. “That was the last time I got angry — I pulled out my trusty blade, stuck it in the table and said: ‘You’ve got to get rid of this man.’”

“Now America has to get rid of him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Richards joked. [Source: Fox News]

Okay, so let me get this straight. A raging egomaniac was upset because a famous businessman was promoting his show? Donald Trump is one of the most recognizable figures in modern history. Attaching his name to a Rolling Stones concert could only help the band. But God forbid Richards’ ego not be stroked for one minute. He had to whip out a knife and jam it into the table.

Good job, Keith, that’ll solve it.

So, because Richards got bent out of shape over a spat decades ago, America should get rid of Trump. Makes as much sense as anything else that washed up musician says. Maybe he should just stick with cameos in those Pirate movies.

But it looks like Americans aren’t following Richards’ advice. After all, Trump won the election in an electoral landslide. He’s continued to get support from Americans. Despite overwhelmingly biased coverage against him, his approval numbers continue to rise.

A few patriots weighed in on Richards’ comments. They put the old rocker in his place.

“I saw this earlier and someone else made the comment…that he had about enough brain activity left to be a democrat. ahahahahaha…and they were right.” Debbie Lee

“You’re British, you have no say in the matter! Take care of your own country, that’s overflowing with Islamists! 63 million of us voted, for trump! TRUMP2020.” Ruth Bizouati Mankes

“Keith Richards is old and ugly. Time for him to get out of the lime light. Go smoke a cigar or something.” Barbara Vice

Perhaps my favorite:

“He’s a nematode. He’s been under the influence of so many pharmaceuticals in his life it’s a wonder he even knows his name. Totally brain fried….he’s two sandwiches short of a picnic…his idea of a great leader would be paddington bear with a side order of pink elephants…” Tom Rich

I always get a kick out of foreigners telling Americans what they should do. And a Brit! We fought a war to get away from those people. If we wanted to be like Europe, we would have destroyed our society years ago. America will always march to the beat of a different drummer, a drummer that celebrates freedom and liberty.

Perhaps old Keith Richards should keep those comments to himself. There are plenty of Donald Trump supporters in the U.S., and I don’t think they’ll be eager to buy tickets to a Stones concert after this.