Rookie Cop Responds To Call, Never Expects Who Ends Up Inside His Car

A police officer’s first day can be the most stressful day of their career. However, for one police officer in Jacksonville, Florida, his first day will probably be a bit more memorable. After responding to a call, he never expected who would end up inside of his cruiser.

After getting a brand new police car with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Officer Larry Taylor was excited to go out on patrol in his very own police car. After responding to a call, he was finishing up some paperwork and something he may never forget happened – a dog unexpectedly jumped inside his car and made herself comfortable in the passenger seat.

(Photo Source: Facebook)

According to 9 News, the officer had left the passenger door open “when a curious dog thought she’d come cuddle up in his passenger seat!” After enjoying his uninvited company and finishing up his report, Taylor was able to locate the canine’s owner, who took the friendly dog home.

After Officer Taylor returned to the station, many individuals at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office were amused by his story. In an effort to share the comical story with everyone they knew, they posted a picture on their Facebook page of Officer Taylor laughing inside his car, while the dog rested on his passenger seat. Their post read:

“Meet Officer Larry Taylor! He JUST got his very own police car, he is a brand new police officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. This morning he got a very unexpected visitor when he was on a call in Zone 4. A dog ran and jumped right in when the door was opened and she made herself all comfortable in his passenger seat. Her owner was located, came and was able to get her out. That is after she spent some time with Officer Taylor writing a police report.”

Many people have said that dogs are a good judge of character, so there’s no doubt that this dog knew Officer Larry Taylor’s cruiser would be a safe place to rest. Years from now, I’m positive Officer Taylor will continue to laugh about his very first day on the job and his first “partner” — a dog. This rookie officer is a good addition, protecting and serving the members of his community — even the fury ones.