Roseanne Destroys Writer Who Called Her Fans Racists & Accused Her Of Using Them

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Writer Jared Yates Sexton is angry with the reboot of “Roseanne” because he thinks that it “ignores the very real racism of many white working-class families.” If you are white, working class, and voted for President Donald Trump, Sexton is saying that it is likely that you are a racist. As anyone should expect, the show’s star, Roseanne Barr, fired back as only she can.

Roseanne Barr (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Sexton also claimed that after he wrote his story about your racism, he was contacted by “multiple people at ABC” who said that “there’s a real discomfort among many of the employees with the propagandist nature of the reboot and a feeling that the project is meant to monetize Trump’s base.”

Roseanne Barr tweeted Jared Yates Sexton and asked him some pointed questions about future episodes that ABC executives would know about, that have nothing to do with the president or his base. “oh, really? which episode r they uncomfortable about? the one where we get a dog or my mom gets a boyfriend or I drive for uber or darlene gets a new job or david comes back? which ones monetize trump’s base?” she asked.

Sexton fired back with his own tweet on Easter Sunday. “The one where your character’s support of Donald Trump was framed simply as an economic choice. They have real concern this is sanitizing a really problematic worldview and dismissing the inherent bigotry,” he said.

What is interesting is that Sexton is not the only person to express concern about the pro-President Trump nature of the Roseanne character. But where were Sexton and the other writers and critics concern when the reboot of “Will & Grace” attacked the president and made a direct appeal to Hillary Clinton voters?

In fact, where has their concern been for the past 50 years of television in which any conservative was portrayed either as a heartless and selfish person, a backward redneck or a simpleton? People often point to Archie Bunker as a conservative champion, but can you name an episode of “All In The Family” where Archie was not portrayed as a bigot or a simpleton? Can you name an episode where he was not proven to be incorrect by his virtuous liberal daughter Gloria or his more liberal, atheist son-in-law Mike Stivic?

Conservatives, like Bunker, have been portrayed on television as people who have character flaws that need to be fixed by becoming more liberal. And now, along comes one show that says conservatives are real people with real concerns just like everyone else. They aren’t racist or dumb, they just want to provide for their families, and people are going out of their minds.

If you watched the first two episodes of “Roseanne,” and judging by the ratings there is an excellent chance that you did, you witnessed both groups of people, conservatives and liberals, being portrayed as good people who each had valid points. You watched a strong female character, probably the strongest female character in television history, come back as strong as ever.

You also watched the condition of many modern American families who are at odds with each other over politics, and you watched as they pushed those arguments to the side because their love of each other was more important.

It was a strong family show that had the modern world in mind. It was fair, and some people don’t like that. But, if they want to watch a show that only shows the point of view of one side of the political spectrum, they can watch, literally, every other show on television.