OPINION: Roseanne’s Pissed, Just Revealed ‘Sick Thing’ Michelle Did To Her She Can’t Forgive

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Roseanne Barr went on the offensive over the weekend, torching former first lady Michelle Obama. The 66-year-old comedian claims she won’t ever forgive her. Barr was giving a candid interview when she dropped the bomb on the 54-year-old “Becoming” author, revealing the “sick thing” she did. It’s causing quite a firestorm, and Obama fans are livid. You don’t want to miss this.

Roseanne Barr and Michelle Obama (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/ Getty Images)

Roseanne Barr is making shocking allegations against Michelle Obama. The comedian and Trump supporter feels hindsight is 20/20, and she now knows what really went down when she was fired from her mega-hit TV sitcom Roseanne. 

Barr initially was vilified for a tweet she made directed at Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne joked that former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.” ABC quickly fired Roseanne within hours of the tweet and refused to speak with Barr who later explained she had no idea Valerie Jarrett was “black.”

Regardless, many Americans thought Roseanne was dealt with too harshly and too quickly without giving her a chance to explain. The Trump supporter apologized profusely to Jarrett in public and tried to privately contact her to do the same. Valerie Jarrett refused to take Roseanne’s calls.

Now, in an interview with #Blexit firebrand Candace Owens, Barr gives insight into what she now really believes happened, and it all points to Michelle Obama.

“Barr initially took responsibility for the remark, which she has alternately blamed on using Ambien and supporting President Donald Trump, but now she believes the former first lady is behind her getting the reboot boot,” Fox News reports.

“She said, ‘This tweet is unforgivable.’ That’s what I was told and I tend to believe it because the woman who fired me is now working with the Obamas at Netflix,” Barr fumed to The Sunday Times (via The Sun). Barr appeared to be referring to Channing Dungey, the former ABC Entertainment president responsible for canceling Roseanne.

Although the leftist media is poo-pooing Barr’s claim against Obama and Dungey, there is something to Dungey’s departure from ABC to Netflix which was announced just a few months after Barr was fired. The former ABC executive shocked the network when she announced she was leaving in November 2018 but failed to mention her next gig.

Then, in December 2018, Dungey is back in the news. Netflix announces the former ABC Entertainment president will be “overseeing” the upcoming originals to be produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. Rumors swirled after Roseanne was fired from ABC that Michelle Obama had phoned Dungey and had a long conversation. Michelle Obama was allegedly enraged and insisted an apology was inadequate.

“TV network ABC canceled the show despite bumper ratings and an apology from Barr, and the actress is adamant the former First Lady is to blame. The star is particularly sore that her show has been replaced by spin-off The Conners, featuring the same cast members,” The Sun reports.

“They think because they killed me it’s OK to use me, use the memory of me,” Roseanne fumed. “Still mention me. It’s still my show, but they stole it. They are going to do it to other comics. I’m just the first.”

Switching gears, Roseanne also lambasted presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris. “Look at Kamala Harris, who I call Kama Sutra Harris,” Barr told Candace Owens, as she pointed out the politician’s prior relationship with former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. “We all know what she did… she slept her way to the bottom,” laughed Roseanne.

Roseanne also had choice words for Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bernhard, and Sara Gilbert, who all got their start in Hollywood riding on Barr’s coattails. All three blasted Barr after the Jarrett dust-up and refused to forgive her, and all three are rabid Trump-haters. 

“When I went to bat for Sandra [Bernhard], Kathy [Griffin] and Sara [Gilbert] to get them on TV — because I gave them all their first TV jobs…Do you know what people at the networks told me? Those girls are too ugly to go on TV,” Roseanne said.

“And I said this is so incredibly sexist. Look at me, I’m no beauty. You can’t take talent, for a woman, and reduce it to their facial flaws. Are you sh*tting me? Nowadays, I’m like, you’re right. They are too ugly to be on TV,” Barr concluded, adding her Trump-hating colleagues have “ugliness inside.”

We’ve seen the Hollywood crowd refuse to punish their leftist darlings who have done much worse than Roseanne Barr. Look at ABC’s talk show The View. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg get away with saying the most outlandish lies trashing Trump and his administration, and yet they never get canceled or fired.

So no matter what you think of Roseanne Barr, it’s become quite apparent if you support President Donald Trump, you have no place in Tinsel Town. Well, that’s just fine with us. And Michelle Obama? Who knows for sure what is the truth, but it’s not a stretch to think she would make sure such a successful show that supported President Trump would be torched for good.

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