Roseanne Exposes Truth About Illegal Immigration, Liberal Heads Explode

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The revived Roseanne sitcom continues to dominate weeknight ratings. In the latest episode, they expose the ugly truth about the impact of illegal immigration. Liberal audience members — and critics — are stunned into silence.

Roseanne Barr goes after the left’s tired argument about illegal workers. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTubeKonstantinos Koukopoulos/Flickr)

Liberals in the entertainment world hate the massive success of Roseanne’s reboot. The 90’s classic returned to incredible ratings. At a time when TV viewership is at an all-time low, the comeback has nabbed millions upon millions of eager viewers. That’s because many Americans fondly remember the original show and still love it. It’s also because of the star’s outspoken support of President Donald Trump.

The very first episode celebrated Trump’s victory. Episodes that followed focused on a variety of real-world issues. Roseanne Barr has not shied away from controversial and important problems facing American families. Issues that are glossed over or twisted by many other shows are addressed honestly and authentically on Roseanne. As a result, people continue to support it.

This week’s episode took a strike at one of the most hot-button issues of our time. Illegal immigration is an ongoing war between liberals and conservatives. As President Donald Trump works to enforce our laws and secure our border, Democrats violate federal mandates to protect criminal aliens.

Much of the focus from the right is on dangerous drug cartels and terrorists who exploit the border. Liberals, in response, claim that the majority of illegals are just poor families looking for a chance. They try to stir up sympathy for the millions of illegals who flood our border. After all, they’re just looking for a better life, right? Shouldn’t we welcome them all in? Who cares about following rules and laws?

This episode of Roseanne cuts through all the left’s sentimental deception. It paints the illegal immigration issue in cold, realistic colors. The show proves that even those “innocent” aliens cause massive damage to Americans.

The latest episode of the hit rebooted ABC sitcom Roseanne admirably takes on the issue of illegal immigration and its negative impact on America’s working families and the middle-class.

The episode entitled, Meet the Neighbors finds Connor family patriarch Dan lose out on a job for which illegal immigrants had been hired to do for less money…

“I got underbid on Al’s job. He’s using illegals,” Dan explains to a disappointed Roseanne, who’s worried about the family’s ability to make ends meet. “It ain’t Rosie. Those guys are so desperate they’ll work for nothing and we’re getting screwed in the process. All I know is we can’t pay our bills.”

…As Breitbart News has reported, illegal immigration costs the American taxpayer approximately $8,075 each, totaling a burden of roughly $116 billion annually. [Source: Breitbart]

The left is going to have a hard time pushing illegal immigration, after this. How can they generate sympathy for illegals, when we see one of our beloved American families on the brink, thanks to illegal workers?

In the episode, Dan and his partner are negotiating a deal to put up drywall in new apartments. With a chagrined face, the client announces he’s going with another company. Dan tries to understand how they were underbid — given they work at the lowest union rate. The obvious conclusion was that the client hired non-union, illegal workers. The result is, Dan’s company loses a much-needed contract.

When he gives Roseanne the bad news, things only get worse. She had already sent out checks for their bills. Meaning, most of them will bounce, and their utilities will be cut off.

It’s a difficult situation to watch but one that is repeated, every day, in America. Hard working Americans lose business, wages, and work, thanks to the millions of exploited illegal aliens.

And to think of it, liberals want more of them coming in.

The only people that support illegal immigration are elitist Democrats. These entitled, wealthy people don’t have to suffer the hardship of losing out to alien workers who undercut their wages. In fact, many of these elitists benefit from illegal labor; their employees and staff are low-paid illegals! That’s the real reason they want illegal aliens to stay. It’s never been about “helping” poor immigrants. For the left, it’s always been about protecting their quality of life.

Mass illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. has contributed to poor job growth, stagnant wages, and increased public costs to offset the importation of millions of low-skilled foreign nationals. [Source: Breitbart]

But as long as Nancy Pelosi and her ilk get to keep her underpaid staff, nothing’s going to change.