Roseanne Yells ‘I Thought B*tch Was White,’ As Whoopi’s Sent Message ‘You’re Fired’

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Roseanne Barr is lashing out at ABC and the double standard that exists at the network after Whoopi Goldberg cussed out Judge Jeanine Pirro. Of course, ABC fired Roseanne over an infamous late-night tweet without listening to her side. In a new video, Barr screams, “I thought the b*tch was white,” after the producer kept badgering her. Now, Whoopi Goldberg is freaking out as she gets a message saying, “You’re fired now.”

Whoopi Goldberg (left), Roseanne Barr (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Well, it looks like ABC is in hot water after Roseanne Barr lashed out at them by taking back her apology to Valerie Jarrett and exposing their double standards in lieu of Whoopi Goldberg’s antics on ABC’s morning talk show, The View.

Roseanne’s timing is perfect with this video, which shows a producer badgering Barr about the tweet that got her fired from her mega-hit reboot of the Roseanne show. Roseanne Barr is extremely agitated in the video, smoking a cigarette, as she tries to answer the same question about the tweet she has answered a million times.

Page Six reports, “Roseanne Barr spoke out relatively unapologetically about the vile Valerie Jarrett tweet that got her ‘Roseanne’ reboot canceled: ‘I thought the b—h was white!'”

They add, “In a video posted to Barr’s YouTube page, a slightly disheveled Barr, 65, smokes a cigarette while talking to a producer about a previous video that was thoroughly edited. After a loud groan, an agitated Barr lashes out at her interviewer when asked about her now-notorious tweet in which she claimed the former Barack Obama adviser was a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and ‘Planet of the Apes.'”

“I’m trying to talk about Iran! I’m trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett about the Iran deal,” Barr roars in the clip. “That’s what my tweet was about. I thought the b*tch was white, goddammit! I thought the b*tch was white! F–k!”

This brings us to Whoopi Goldberg. Is there any doubt Roseanne was immediately fired without any investigation by ABC because she is pro-Trump? And, isn’t it funny that Whoopi Goldberg can get away with cussing out conservative pro-Trump Judge Jeanine Pirro? She even allegedly spit at her after chasing her backstage and yelling, “Get the f*ck out of here!” Yet, she faces no consequences?

Making matters worse, it was Whoopi Goldberg who publicly trounced on Roseanne Barr over her Valerie Jarrett tweet and demanded ABC fire Barr. From her perch on The View, Whoopi screamed at Roseanne, “So this is what I’m going to say, Roseanne: Just because you were caught with your pants down, don’t try to drag other people down with you. Don’t do that. There are times when you got to suck it up because you step in doo.”

Well, Americans say it’s time for Whoopi to take her own advice. Americans are demanding ABC fire Whoopi Goldberg, immediately. A petition was started online after Twitter lit up with a trending hashtag #FireWhoopiNow, and reports are Goldberg is freaking out.

Twitter user “Vince” tweeted, “#Roseanne was fired by @ABCNetwork for making a comment on a tweet on HER OWN TIME in her OWN HOME. #Whoopi verbally abused, embarrassed another woman who was an invited guest in front of other women with no shame. #FireWhoopi #FireWhoopiNow @ananavarro is Whoopi remark 2U true?”

“Arbitrary Speaker” was livid at ABC and Whoopi, tweeting, “@WhoopiGoldberg invited @JudgeJeanine 2 attack her publicly/privately, repeatedly aggressively screaming FU GTH [F*ck you, get the hell] out. @therealroseanne was fired. Whoopi MUST go. Media downplays her violently accosting #JudgeJeanine 4 -went 4 #McCain b4 #firewhoopinow #abc #cnn #msnbc @potus #DOJ.”

“Irish Mom” spoke her mind, and she wants Whoopi gone, tweeting, “@TheView I am appalled and disgusted with Whoopi Goldberg’s treatment of Jeannine Pirro on the program. She must receive the same treatment that Rosie O’Donnell received when her behavior became unhinged and despicable on air. Whoopi Goldberg must be fired. #FireWhoopiNow.”

Fran Boscow is demanding justice for Judge Jeanine, posting, “WHO the hell spits on a Judge & tells a Judge to get the ef out! WHO! I demand Whoopi be fired @ABC NOW! You fired Roseann! You fire Whoppi! ASAP!”

We could post thousands of tweets from pissed off Americans who are refusing to look the other way this time. The blaring bias for leftists and Trump-haters in Hollywood will no longer be tolerated. Not only should Whoopi be fired immediately, let’s make it simple: Cancel The View, altogether. It’s a ridiculous program with ignorant shrews spewing nonsense. There is no redeeming social value at all.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is also owed a public apology from Whoopi Goldberg, who should be begging for her forgiveness. We won’t hold our breath for that to happen since God knows Whoopi Goldberg has no class at all.

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