Rosie & Hollywood Pals Launch Ridiculous Attack On Trump Rallies, Now They’re Crying

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Now that the Brett Kavanaugh debacle is over, Rosie O’Donnell and her Hollywood pals are finding it very hard to cope with losing. Grasping at straws and trying to make President Donald Trump look bad, they found his recent rallies very upsetting. Rosie surmised there is no way Trump is filling stadiums with supporters. That’s when she and her buddies launched a ridiculous attack on all Trump rallies, and now they are crying buckets of liberal tears. You’ll love this.

Rosie O’Donnell (left), President Donald Trump & supporter at a rally (right) (Photo Credit: Andy Scott/Getty Images, Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

So many on the left are truly brainwashed, like Rosie and her good buddies. They just can’t understand how President Trump’s approval ratings are up, and they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that thousands of Trump supporters love going to his rallies.

In fact, as the final days to the midterms pass by, the president is ramping up the number of rallies he is holding. Diehard supporters are waiting in line for hours, some even overnight. For example, before last night’s rally in Pennsylvania, the president and his advisers were considering canceling it due to Hurricane Michael, but so many people had spent a considerable amount of time and money to get there.

Trump tweeted, “Couldn’t let these great people down. They have been lined up since last night – see you soon Pennsylvania!” This really triggered Rosie and her friends, as you’ll see.

Well, Rosie and Kathy Griffin decided one of their Twitter followers had uncovered a huge lie the president was hiding. According to a tweet Rosie endorsed and repeatedly retweeted, Trump is paying people to attend his rallies. Yep, that’s right, and these leftist losers also had proof, or so they thought.

Rosie encouraged all her celebrity buddies and Twitter fans to use the hashtag #FakeRallies and to expose President Trump. So what was their proof? Well, Rosie tweets, “trump is a fraud liar cheat #fakerallys,” and her proof is a Craiglist ad for “line standers for Trump rallies.”

Well, we did some digging. First, there are actually jobs for “line standing.” They simply hold a spot in line for someone else who will arrive closer to the time of the event. Secondly, this ad asks for only nine people. If you really wanted to hire thousands, would you advertise for 9?

We also know Trump tweeted earlier that people were lined up overnight. This is no conspiracy. This is a group of nine Trump supporters who want the coveted front row seating, or as close as they can get, and each person going is willing to dole out a $100 bucks to a line stander to up their odds.

Sadly, on Twitter, the hashtag #fakerallys and #FakeRallies still persisted. We were glad it never trended, but many people were caught up in this bogus attack on Trump and his rallies.

Well, luckily we set many in Rosie’s crowd straight, to their chagrin, when we tweeted, “Yeah, this is an ad for ‘line standers’ —You know ppl who hold the place for you? They are paying 100 bucks for roughly 6 hours of standing in line–for nine people. There is nothing sinister here. Trump supporters are lining up overnight, so where’s the #FakeRallies ??? IDIOTS.”

Unfortunately, Rosie’s friend who brought the hefty comedian the screenshot of the Craiglist ad blocked us as people started to wise up. We also included additional proof like an article about “line standing jobs” and another article from the Billings Gazette who reported, “With 12 hours to go before President Donald Trump took the stage at the Rimrock Auto Arena, about two dozen die-hard supporters were already waiting in line as dawn broke Thursday over Billings.”

They add, “Several of the early birds said they had been waiting overnight in the arena parking lot after driving from as far away as Minnesota and Washington. Stephanie Bishop, a 45-year-old municipal government employee from Spokane, said she wasn’t taking any chances after waiting in line for nine hours at Trump’s July 5 rally in Great Falls, only to be denied a seat at the sold-out Four Seasons Arena.”

Well, another fake Trump conspiracy bites the dust. We wish we could have prevented the meltdown of so many in Rosie’s crowd, like Kathy Griffin, who also blocked us right after we ruined their day. All we know is the truth will set you free, if you let it.

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