Rosie Calls For Military To ‘Get’ Trump At White House On Live TV, Made To Regret It

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Rosie O’Donnell made a rare appearance on MSNBC, and she wasted no time calling for a military coup of sorts. “I want to send the military to the White House to get him,” O’Donnell announced as the other panelists nervously laughed. After the show, she was really made to regret those remarks. You don’t want to miss this.

Rosie O’Donnell (Photo Credit: Ryan Saavedra/Twitter/Screenshot)

Just when we thought Rosie O’Donnell was done with public appearances, she shows up on MSNBC. The former host of The View hasn’t been in her right mind ever since President Donald Trump got elected. She has rambled on about conspiracy theories on Twitter.

If MSNBC thought bringing Rosie in would help the Democrats win the mid-terms, they thought wrong. In fact, Rosie’s craziness only highlights the ever-present reality of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Rosie O’Donnell said on MSNBC Thursday that she wants to send the U.S. military to the White House to ‘get’ President Donald Trump. O’Donnell made the comments while appearing in a wild segment of Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show called Deadline: White House. O’Donnell was describing how she was depressed for a year after Trump was elected when she proposed a coup of the presidency. [Source: The Daily Caller]

“What I wrote on Twitter was we should impose martial law until we make sure the Russians weren’t involved in the final tally of the votes. … And people were like, ‘Martial law? What’s wrong with you?’” Rosie said.

“He wants to send the military to the border,” MSNBC host Wallace quipped about Trump weighing the option of sending the military to the border to deal with the Honduran caravan of illegal aliens traveling toward the border.

“I want to send the military to the White House to get him,” O’Donnell announced.

Well, we can always count on Rosie to take us straight to crazy-town, every time. O’Donnell’s main obsession has centered on the Mueller investigation. Rosie truly believes that President Trump takes orders from Vladimir Putin. And the idiots over at MSNBC egged her on.

Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt are GOP elites and Never Trumper Republicans. They are so angry Trump won and they were left out in the cold that they spend every day hating the president. These are sad little people. Wallace is the host of the show, and Schmidt is her loyal sidekick.

When Wallace brought up Mueller, Rosie got excited. Wallace said, “Bob Mueller has indicted 13 Russians,” feeding into Rosie’s delusions. Yeah, Mueller indicted 12 Russians living in Russia as a big show, it was a huge nothing-burger that Rosie and her pals ate up.

The Conservative Treehouse explains, “Obviously, it helps when the listed names on the [Mueller] indictment will never actually be indicted or come before a U.S. court to challenge the assertions.  It’s very convenient for the DOJ to be able to make claims, knowing: A) no-one in media will demand the source evidence; and B) none of the accused will ever show up to be tried.”

Then, Schmidt trashed Trump so badly, lying his butt off. Rosie turned to him and said, “I love you. I really do. I’d like to live next door to you and have coffee and discuss this every single day. And who would believe this two years ago these former GOP head honchos (Wallace and Schmidt)…that I would be so comforted by your words.”

The outcry by Trump supporters over Rosie’s ridiculous remarks were all over social media. Some people were truly incensed she could get away with saying something that seems treasonous. Can you imagine if someone on Fox News said that about Barack Obama? Yeah, they’d be fired and arrested.

And here’s a tweet from Rosie that didn’t age well from before the election in April 2016:

Funny isn’t it? The hate inside Rosie is not only for Donald Trump but for regular Americans who support him. Obviously, the aging comedian is no longer laughing as her worst nightmare came true. Rosie O’Donnell is the punchline for so many Americans. She reminds us that we won, and she lost.

That’s right, just common folks living in flyover country can take pride in knowing they caused Rosie O’Donnell to realize that her Hollywood buddies, with all the clout and money in the world, couldn’t stop patriotic Americans from electing Donald Trump. Poor Rosie, she helps Trump by being so unhinged. When will she realize the joke is on her and is her? Now, let’s make sure she has one more big upset by winning the midterm elections.

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