Rosie Screams ‘NRA Is Terrorist Organization,’ Then Dana Slaps Her With Nasty Surprise

Quite the interesting exchange took place on Twitter after a deranged Rosie O’Donnell went on a rampage, calling the NRA a terrorist organization. Too bad for the hefty celeb, the company’s spokeswoman heard about her little rant — and that was about the time Dana Loesch slapped her with a nasty surprise.

Rosie Screams 'NRA Is Terrorist Organization,' Then Dana Slaps Her With A Nasty Surprise
Dana Loesch (left), Rosie O’Donnell (right) (Photo Credit: Dana Loesch/Wikimedia Commons, David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)

Although Rosie is a has-been comedian, she’s risen in notoriety recently despite nearly being forgotten. With her so-called “political activism” getting her more attention than the years she spent on her career, she’s louder and more obnoxious than ever. Social media and her liberal following give her an outlet for her seething hatred for President Donald Trump.

Her Twitter feed is documented proof that she’s obsessed with the president, but things almost always end up blowing up in her face. Proving just that is what recently happened when she took to the social media platform to bash the NRA. Specifically targeting the organization’s spokeswoman, Rosie O’Donnell insinuated that Dana Loesch was a horrible mother for supporting the NRA.

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It all started when NRA TV announced a new show starring Dana. The advertisement showed the NRA spokeswoman calling out everyone in the news and entertainment industry for the lies that they constant spread. Saying that their “time is up,” Dana basically announced that she was coming for them with claws out.

After seeing this, Rosie went on the attack, bluntly tweeting, “f*ck off dana.” However, things would only get worse from there. Come to find out, Rosie had — at some point in the past — blocked Dana, likely because she felt intimidated by her opponent’s intellect. However, Dana saw what Rosie had written.

Just like that, she hit her back, essentially calling Rosie a coward. “If you’re going to call me the C word and continually type profanity to me @rosie, at least have the courage to not [do] it from behind a block,” Dana wrote. “God bless.”

In typical liberal fashion, a clearly embarrassed Rosie then attacked Dana on a personal level, calling her a bad mother. “[W]ell dana – i have no interest in talking to u – in listening to u – in engaging with u – look at ur life woman – jesus christ on the cross,” she wrote. “[H]ave u no soul? u have 2 kids and u whore urself out for the HRA – GOD ALMISGHTY dana – think about ur life (sic).”

Now, there’s one thing you have to understand here — Rosie doesn’t like to look bad. That’s why she blocks people when they embarrass her in a back and forth. Too bad for her, this would soon be her biggest downfall. Basically, people lashed out at her for blocking someone but still attacking them.

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In order to quell the backlash, Rosie unblocked Dana, but things would only get worse — or better depending on how you look at it — from there. Just like that, Dana hit her with a response nothing short of classy. “I never saw it because she curses me out from behind a block. Sorry @Rosie that you can’t accept women who think differently from you,” she said before adding, “God bless.”

Unfortunately for Rosie, she couldn’t let someone make her look bad and decided to open her fat trap again. This time, she did what all liberals do when they’re losing — she changed the topic. Attacking the NRA instead of talking about the real issues, the so-called comedian declared that “the NRA is a terrorist organization.”

However, she was about to get wrecked as Dana got the last word. In fact, the NRA spokeswoman would smack Rosie with such a nasty surprise that the liberal moron couldn’t even respond. “Nothing says ‘let’s have an honest and logical discussion’ like accusing millions of innocent people of being terrorists because you disagree with them on 2A,” she quipped.

Rosie brought this upon herself. After responding to a video in which someone said that people are lying about the NRA, Rosie then went and lied about the NRA. Of course, then there was the whole “blocking” fiasco that turned out to be quite the embarrassment as well.

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Rosie doesn’t like being made to look bad, so she blocked someone that was intellectually superior to her. However, she then called out the same person, who she had blocked, which made her look like a hiding coward. In order to improve appearances, she then unblocked that person, only to get wrecked in a debate.

If ever there was proof that idiots shouldn’t play their hand in politics, it’s Rosie O’Donnell. Not only is she an embarrassment to the left, but she continually humiliates herself. Right now, Rosie’s own kid won’t talk to her, yet she wants to critique Dana’s parenting decisions? You know what they say about glass houses — we’ll just leave it at that.