After Nutjob Rosie Seriously Threatens Trump’s Kids, White House Sends ‘Nasty Surprise’

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Rosie O’Donnell has always been a critic of President Donald Trump, but in the last few weeks, the hefty celebrity has become totally unhinged over ousting the president. This led to the perfect storm on Friday, when ABC News put out a fake news report about Gen. Mike Flynn, which Rosie thought would be the downfall of Trump. When that did not happen, Rosie threatened Trump’s kids, leading the White House to send her a “nasty surprise.”

Rosie O’Donnell (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTubeSceengrab, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Rosie O’Donnell is an example of what happens when you get all your news from MSNBC. Her Twitter feed is filled with Rachel Maddow videos, and she gets so excited before the MSNBC anchor’s nightly show comes on that she does a “countdown” and tweets it out.

This has affected her mind, and it seems her fellow Hollywood pals only feed into it. So, when she got wind of the now-suspended Brian Ross’ fake news report on Gen. Flynn on Friday, Rosie reacted like they had just announced Trump had been impeached. She was so pumped up.

Twitchy, the website that follows what is happening on Twitter, was shocked by Rosie’s response and by another man who is just as unhinged as the mentally unstable comedienne. “President Donald Trump’s tweets are so triggering that one engineer built a contraption that (supposedly) prints them and then burns each one as it hits Twitter (though it seems to be running way behind),” reports Twitchy. The video is pretty disturbing.

Wow, scary stuff. Then, there’s Rosie, who became so triggered after ABC News posted Brian Ross’ report was fake news that she freaked out people on Twitter. “We’re pretty sure Rosie O’Donnell’s no engineer,” reported Twitchy, adding, “but somebody let her into the crayon box so she could deface Trump’s tweet Saturday about Michael Flynn.”

It was not just the crazed defacing of Trump’s tweet, it is her message that went with it that had Americans up in arms. “[T]hey r coming for u dipshit and ur kids … ur days r numbered – u fool nobody – u tool – go to hell – we r not afraid of u #TrumpTreason,” tweeted the portly actress.

Well, telling the president and his family, “they r coming for u and ur kids… ur days r numbered,” is taken as a threat to the life of the President of the United States and the First Family. It matters not what was in her warped mind, and sure enough, Rosie got turned into the Secret Service.

Twitter user “OPM” tweeted, “Hey , this sounds like a threat to me. Just a heads up,” which got retweeted 12 times. Another concerned American weighed in, tweeting, “These r  of a  I understand her & POTUS had the war of words years ago, but she has not let go. She is a time bomb ticking... Get help 4 her now and remove the kids from that hostile environment.”

We agree that Rosie is a ticking time bomb. Twitter user “Bullrider” summed it up, after tweeting to the Secret Service, saying, “Holy crap, psycho much?” The unstable celebrity got over 1,000 replies to her tweet, the majority of which were forwarding her threats to the FBI or Secret Service, with concerned patriots telling her to get help.

“I have so much empathy for her children. Imagine the trauma involved being a hostage of fortune to such a rabid, vile, sociopathic human,” tweeted “Deplorable Hellrzr.” We know that Kathy Griffin got a visit from the Secret Service after she posted the image of her holding a bloody Trump head, and there is no doubt this rises to that level. Of course, Rosie would never “tell” if she got a visit from the Feds, but it’s a given that is the protocol. She’ll get the same “nasty surprise” from the White House Secret Service that Griffin did.

Griffin’s Secret Service visit was leaked to the media, as The Huffington Post reported, “Griffin ‘has been interviewed by the Secret Service, in-person, for over an hour,’ political journalist Yashar Ali reported. He added that the investigation is ‘still not closed.'”

O’Donnell’s Twitter feed probably has been under surveillance for some time since she tweets inflammatory language to the president on a daily basis. Rosie tweeted about her crazed writing, saying, “yes I doodle my truth tough sh*t,” which proves liberalism is a mental disorder. There is only the truth. There are not different versions of “truth.” It is why Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Our Lord did not say, “I am my truth.” This type of talk is straight-up evil and is from Communist teachings. They have to avoid the truth and label lies as “their truth.” Rosie is nothing but a useful idiot who has no idea how brainwashed she truly is. She is mentally unstable and encourages crazies to believe lies about our president.

The good news is, she finally went over the line and we can rest assured knowing those who protect the president and his family will stop her from spewing threats. Rosie can keep “her truth,” it is a symptom of her severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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