Rosie’s ARREST Imminent, Judge Jeanine Uncovers Her SICK Plot For Trump

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Rosie O’Donnell has lost her mind. She’s been threatening Donald Trump for weeks, which has escalated in the last few days to ramblings and actions that have Judge Jeanine Pirro completely incensed. Rosie has turned so dark that she mimics wackos who have tried to assassinate presidents. Judge Jeanine uncovered Rosie’s sick illegal plot, and you’ll be shocked that it’s gone so far, Rosie is looking to spend time behind bars.

Judge Jeanine (left) painted Rosie O’Donell (right) as mentally unstable.

Rosie O’Donell is surely being monitored by the Secret Service and is likely to be arrested if she continues to incite riots. It all started a few days ago with Rosie’s crazed idea, calling for martial law to stop Donald Trump’s inauguration. Since then, she has become more unhinged, fueled by news sources reporting the crazy lies Buzzfeed reported about Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen being in Prague and meeting with the Russians before the election in an alleged secret financial deal.

“The allegations in the Buzzfeed document dump are that Trump had secret financial dealings with Russia, and that Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen was a main point of contact between these mysterious Russian forces and Team Trump.” [via Breitbart News]

Nutjob’s like Rosie O’Donnell look at fake news stories like the BuzzFeed piece and take it as fact. Then, Rosie reacts, spreading the falsehoods as truth and ratcheting up thousands of useful idiots throughout the country to believe what she is saying. There’s just one problem with BuzzFeed’s fake news story, Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, has never been to Prague, and the day that he was supposed to be there, he was in LA watching his son try out at the University of Southern California (USC) for a baseball scholarship and meeting with a baseball coach, Breitbart reports.

“I’m telling you emphatically that I’ve not been to Prague, I’ve never been to Czech [Republic], I’ve not been to Russia,” Cohen said. “The story is completely inaccurate, it is fake news meant to malign Mr. Trump.” Cohen brought his passport to Trump Tower and showed the president-elect. He then appeared on Sean Hannity, but no other news source would correct the record about Michael Cohen.

Not only did Rosie O’Donell pick up on this bogus Cohen story but so did CNN, MSNBC, and CBS, leading to crazy allegations being spread by these Hollywood idiots who are taking these fake news stories as fact. Even so-called civil rights icon John Lewis, a congressman from Georgia, is calling for a boycott. Lewis is buying the fake news as USA Today reports that “Lewis said in a Meet the Press interview that he believes Trump’s election is illegitimate and he won’t go to the inauguration.”

Pictures and videos of Cohen in LA were confirmed by Fox News, but liberal loons are still spreading the fake news about Trump and Russia, hoping to incite riots and stop the inauguration. However, CNN finally had to report that “it was a different Michael Cohen.

Last night, Judge Jeanine finally had enough of this crap, but before we get to the Judge’s stellar remarks, it’s important to note that what Rosie, Michael Moore, and the crazed Hollywood crowd are calling for is illegal. They are inciting riots against the president-elect. The laws they are breaking can be found under 18 U.S. Code § 2101 – Riots. 

Judge Jeanine blasted Rosie and her cronies, making sure people know that Rosie’s actions are one of someone who is totally mentally unstable:

“And as for those Hollywood leftists in need of a lobotomy, like Rosie O’Donnell. They are straight up Communists. Rosie supports imposing Martial Law, delaying the Inauguration until Trump is ‘cleared of all charges.’ Rosie, I know you. I don’t have a problem with you. But, martial law? Are you nuts? Do you even know what martial law is? It’s when the military takes over, when we are taken over, when we are invaded and are at war. And by the way, Trump isn’t charged with anything.” [via Gateway Pundit]

Rosie and Congressman John Lewis want an investigation into this Russian meeting in Prague, which has been proven to be fake news. Liberal’s heads are spinning today, believing fabrications that are so obviously untrue, and it’s getting serious; so serious that you can be certain that the authorities are watching these idiots who are trying to cause riots to stop the inauguration.

Judge Jeanine (left) blasted Rosie O’Donnell (right), who may find herself in handcuffs if she continues to incite riots.

Donald Trump took control during his press conference by calling out CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has been reporting fake news about Russia. Trump told Acosta, “You’re fake news,” and refused to take his question. Unfortunately, the fight over fake news is just getting started. It is how the liberal loons plan to de-legitimize Trump’s presidency; they want Americans to believe he was not elected fair and square.

Patriots in this country will not allow this to continue. We lived through eight years of Barack Obama, and we played their game, beating them at the ballot box. Donald Trump shellacked Hillary Clinton, trouncing her in flyover country, in the rust belt, in the south; he has a mandate by the American people. If Rosie doesn’t stop inciting riots, she should be arrested and so should anyone else stupid enough to buy into fake news.

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