After Roundhouse Kicking Conservative Woman, Liberal Beta Male Isn’t Smiling Anymore

During a peaceful demonstration, a far-leftist male delivered a roundhouse kick to a conservative woman. However, his smug smile quickly faded when he was recognized by the public.

After Roundhouse Kicking Conservative Woman, Liberal Beta Male Isn't Smiling Anymore
During a Campaign Life Coalition demonstration, far-leftist Jordan Hunt (left) violently assaulted pro-life leader Marie-Claire Bissonnette (right) without provocations. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Facebook)

Thanks to the Democrats’ and mainstream media’s shameless instigation, liberal activists are compelled to inflict harassment and violence when faced with opposing viewpoints. This incitement has led leftists to drive Republicans from restaurants, steal and destroy personal property, and physically assault anyone they suspect is a political enemy.

Despite Democrats’ fear-mongering and victim-blaming, this violence comes almost exclusively from the left and has been exacerbated with the resistance against President Donald Trump. The latest act to send leftists into a tailspin is, of course, Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Desperate to maintain their right to rip apart the bodies of inconvenient unborn babies, liberals will stop at nothing to ensure that Roe vs. Wade is never overturned — even if it means assaulting conservative women with pathetically weak violence.

On September 30, the Campaign Life Coalition demonstration kicked off its display in Toronto Canada to protect the lives of innocent unborn children. Heading this peaceful protest was pro-life leader Marie-Claire Bissonnette, who approached a small group of noisy counter-protesters to confront them for “destruction of private property.” What she received was as brutal as it was unexpected.

While answering one of the pro-abortion protester’s “in the case of rape” questions, Bissonnette was shockingly assaulted, receiving a roundhouse kick for simply standing up for the human rights of the unborn.

In the video clip, which was captured by Bissonnette, the violent protester smirks and sticks out his tongue as he awkwardly prepares to impart what he believes will be a Bruce Lee-style roundhouse kick to his intellectual female opponent. Unsurprisingly, the liberal beta male misses his intended mark, kicking Bissonnette in the shoulder before claiming, “I meant to get your phone!” He then reportedly tore a Campaign Life ribbon off of Bissonnette’s jacket before pathetically fleeing.

As soon as Bissonnette instructed witnesses to “call the police,” the leggings-clad beta male abandoned his position and fled. However, just days after assaulting the pro-life demonstrator, the poster child for post-modernism is finally getting the justice he deserves.

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According to Human Defense, the cowardly leftist, who was identified as Jordan Hunt by determined internet users, has not only been fired from his job as a hairdresser but he’s also perhaps the most hated man on the internet at the moment, making him a target for real men who don’t take too kindly to beta male’s who beat up women.

After viewers identified Hunt and sent the incriminating footage to his employer, Noble Studio 101 hair salon announced that he is no longer a sub-contractor with their business and will “never step foot in” the studio again. Along with a text message, which was provided to Human Defense, the Toronto salon confirmed on Instagram that Hunt’s actions are unforgivable, as the owner believes that “everyone has a right to an opinion” without the fear of being assaulted for it.

“It has been brought to our attention that Jordan has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go. We believe that everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to voice their opinion without fear of physical violence.”

A representative of the salon told LifeSiteNews that the business stands with women regardless of their personal beliefs, adding that Hunt’s behavior is intolerable and that he will not be allowed to return to work.

“We’re four strong women here,” she said. “We don’t condone any kind of violence… Everybody has their own opinion and different ways of thinking, but violence is not the answer. He won’t be stepping his foot through the door again.”

Confirming the salon’s claim, Hunt’s profile was immediately removed from Noble Studio 101’s website. However, he is still apparently employed at Coupe Bizarre on Queen Street West in Toronto.

Thankfully, Bissonnette is pursuing charges against Hunt, who has yet to be arrested by Toronto police. Although she has filed a police report, she is asking that viewers pray for Hunt, providing a stark difference in how the political right and left handle opposition.

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“I hope this unfortunate experience can remind the public of the violent deaths pre-born babies experience from abortion.

“What this man did was an act of assault and I intend on pressing charges. But he’s also loved by the Father, so please pray for him.”

Despite Jordan Hunt’s flagrant misogyny and cringe-worthy violence against a woman, Marie-Claire Bissonnette has expressed forgiveness and grace to her attacker. This is the difference between liberalism and conservatism — while the right defends human rights even for those with whom they disagree, the left is determined to shut down their opponents by any means necessary.

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