Rumors Swirl About Mueller’s “Bombshell” Report — Liberals Must Be Livid

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For over two years, Americans have had to sit under the cloud of Robert Mueller’s “Russia collusion” investigation. Democrats have continued to point to this “special investigator” as the key that will bring down Donald Trump. Yet as time passes, we’ve seen no evidence that the president “colluded” with Russia. As we get closer to Mueller’s report being released, some reporters are warning Democrats: you better get your tissues ready.

Liberals are gonna get weepy all over again when Robert Mueller releases his report. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, USDOE/Flickr)

Remember Robert Mueller? Not that long ago, Democrats were plastering headline news about this guy. On an almost daily basis, we were bombarded with stories that Mueller was just a few steps away from exposing Donald Trump as the “traitor” he really is.

Yeah, because a traitor slashes American workers’ taxes, scores better trade deals, and fights for a border wall!

Democrats, still in denial over the 2016 Election, keep pointing to the Mueller probe as proof that Trump “stole” the election with help from Russian hackers. They say this, despite any shred of credible evidence.

Meanwhile, over the last few years, we’ve learned more and more about how Hillary Clinton schemed with Russian agents to craft a bogus dossier to discredit Trump. So, who was really trying to steal the election?

Despite all the tax dollars Mueller has spent on this “investigation,” he’s never gotten close to the president. Yet, there are still countless liberals who believe that—one day soon—Mueller will expose Trump. That will lead to an indictment, impeachment, and swift removal from office.

Keep dreaming, babies.

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl has some really bad news for everyone. Recently, he’s made it clear that Mueller’s report will not be the “bombshell” that will take down Trump. Not even close.

ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl said on Sunday that those who are hoping for a “bombshell” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation are likely to be disappointed, according to his sources…

“What I am getting is that this is all building up to the Mueller report and raising expectations of a bombshell report… But people who are closest to what Mueller has been doing, interacting with the special counsel caution me that this report is almost certain to be anti-climactic.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Those who have supported the president all these years should not be surprised. There has not been even a hint of evidence supporting the claim that Trump worked with Russia — a claim that started with Hillary and her fake dossier.

Donald Trump has only put the interests of Americans first. Never has he appeared to bow to Russian interests or any foreign interests for that matter. Not once has he appeared to be anything but the patriotic, America First man whom he claims to be.

But bitter Democrats have been hoping for a miracle. That all the bizarre fantasies they’ve entertained in their heads — that Trump is a secret agent for Putin — are true. That, out of nowhere, Mueller will produce evidence that will make all their dreams come true!

Hey, while he’s at it, maybe he’ll invent time travel! Sure, we can all go back to 2016, “fix” the mistake of the election, and make Hillary Clinton president. The last two years will be just a distant memory. Hurray!

Karl went on to make it clear that Mueller’s got nothing on the president.

“Mueller did not go anywhere with that investigation,” Karl continued… “we have seen nothing from Mueller on the central question of, was there any coordination, collusion, with the Russians in the effort to meddle in the elections?… there’s been no indication of that.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Do you wanna know why? Because there was no collusion! Mueller realized very early on that there was nothing to uncover. But he felt pressure from Democrats in D.C. and the media to conduct an investigation. He took advantage of his near-unlimited resources and made it look like he was doing something — indicted people connected to Trump, but with no connection to the Russian case.

This charade of an investigation has gone on for far too long. President Trump is innocent of Russian collusion. Mueller’s got nothing.

When will the pathetic Democrats accept that?

Rest assured, though, even when Mueller releases his report, they won’t be happy. Liberals will simply tell themselves that Mueller failed. That there was collusion, but Trump was able to hide it. Sure. They’ll just continue to live in their fantasy world.

But the rest of us demand the truth. Mueller’s report must come out and the investigation must end.