Rush Limbaugh Trashes Hogg So Badly, He Skips College To Do 1 Thing You’ll Love

David Hogg’s plans have changed since his star started to fade. The tragedy celebrity’s 15 minutes of fame is up, but he is refusing to go away. After Rush Limbaugh trashed him so badly on his radio program, the anti-gun teen activist got so angry that he is now skipping college to do something else. You’re going to love this.

Rush Limbaugh (left) and David Hogg (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

David Hogg’s fame is fading, and he can’t stand it. Neither can CNN who created the anti-gun monster, and now they are backing his plan to skip college so he can “focus on the mid-term elections.” Now, you may be thinking what does Hogg have to do with the mid-term elections?

The Parkland teen has nothing to do with the mid-term elections, this is one big joke. Rush Limbaugh excoriated the anti-gun activist so harshly on his radio show, he predicted Hogg’s actions, but we’ll talk more on that later. First, CNN made the big announcement late yesterday afternoon.

CNN reported, “One of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s most visible student activists will postpone his first year of college to devote time to political causes.”

They add, “David Hogg has been accepted at the University of California, Irvine, ‘but he will not be going to college this year because he’s decided to take a year off and work on the midterm elections,’ his mother, Rebecca Boldrick, told CNN Monday. She said her son hopes to register and educate new voters and to ‘get people to vote.”‘

Is his mother backing this incredibly stupid plan? It seems so, according to CNN, who is acting as his personal public relations team. No other media outlet had this story, because nobody cares that a 17-year-old high school senior is taking a gap year.

Twitchy reported, “Kind of like how Chelsea Handler decided to take a hike from her Netflix talk show to become a full-time political activist, CNN is reporting Monday that Hogg is postponing his first year of college to devote time to political causes.”

Right, Chelsea Handler decided to become a political activist after she got fired from Netflix, and now that Hoggmania had died down, all of sudden CNN is so excited that David is taking a gap year. Hey, it was barely news when the daughter of the President of the United States took a gap year, and Americans who read CNN’s piece trashed Hogg’s political ambitions to “educate people.”

Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter weighed in, tweeting, “The choice was between getting an education and appearing on @CNN. And since knowing what you’re talking about is a hindrance to appearing on CNN…. #Caring.”

Hunter isn’t the only high profile conservative to speak out about CNN’s vested interest in Hogg’s gap year. Arthur Schwartz, a Washington D.C. public relations hotshot, tweeted, “Good. He will absolutely be a liability for the left.”

Exactly our take, too. Hogg is a huge liability. In fact, he is about as likable as Hillary Clinton. Rush Limbaugh made the point that the very best thing for President Donald Trump’s agenda would be Hogg out there campaigning for Democrats with Hillary Clinton. Limbaugh knows they would turn off voters right away.

Rush imagined Hogg doing this on March 30th, saying sarcastically, “Let me tell you something, folks, let me tell you what we do not want. What we do not want is Hillary Clinton and David Hogg teaming up, running around the country bashing Republicans in September and October before the midterms.”

He goes on, “That would be so terrible. We do not want that to happen. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton and David Hogg appearing together in a national tour endorsing Democrat candidates? How could we prevent that? What would we have to do? I hope Hillary and David Hogg, I hope they never get together. Don’t tell anybody. Damn it.”

It’s apparent that Hogg took Rush’s bashing him so badly as a challenge, and we love it. Rush predicted what would happen to Hogg if he refused to go away. He said, “[L]ook at Cindy Sheehan. She became a liability. You know, Cindy Sheehan was the first David Hogg except she was an adult, and she had a son who was killed in Iraq. Skin in the game, so to speak. And the left and the media just loved her.”

Rush added, “The minute she attempted to parlay her fame and fortune as a protester into actual political power, they dumped her like they had never heard of her.”

This is the reaction that David Hogg is getting now from the left over his big announcement that he is taking a gap year to “focus on the mid-term elections.” Only CNN is reporting it, and no one on the left is giving him any positive feedback. They’ve dumped him.

He’s a liability, and the Democrats don’t want him campaigning for the mid-terms. Maybe there’s still time to get into a junior college somewhere because at this point Hoggmania is dead and gone. That’s showbiz and politics. They love you when you can further their agenda, but the minute your fame fades, they don’t even know your name.

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