Russell Crowe Exposes Leftist Media, Defends Conservatives On Colbert’s Show

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Russell Crowe made a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the legendary actor left Colbert speechless. Crowe was there to discuss his new role as Fox News’ Roger Ailes, and when Colbert tried to trash conservatives in America, the Gladiator star stopped him dead in his tracks. You’ll love this.

Russell Crowe (left) Stephen Colbert (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Russell Crowe has stated in the past, “I don’t endorse politicians. Not my thing.” Then, he went on to tell people to vote for Barack Obama in 2012. To be fair to Crowe, he is one of the Hollywood crowd who usually stays clear of politics.

Now, it appears he has had a change of heart. So, it was a pleasant surprise when Crowe showed up on the Stephen Colbert show to discuss his role as Roger Ailes in Showtime’s The Loudest Voice, and he really taught Colbert a lesson he won’t forget.

Russel Crowe taught Colbert do not ever assume just because he is a major Hollywood star that he is a far-leftist. 

Crowe did a ton of research into Ailes, a very controversial character in life who founded the Fox News network. The 55-year-old Aussie actor explains Ailes had studied drama and had even produced a minor Broadway musical that gained some acclaim.

That’s when Colbert makes a statement about Fox News that Crowe didn’t appreciate. 

Colbert tells Crowe that Ailes modeled Fox News to be just entertaining and “truth be damned.” Crowe stops Colbert right there and says, “Well, not ‘truth be damned’ necessarily, but truth has its place.”

Crowe goes on to say shows like Shep Smith are straight news but the rest of the primetime lineup is opinion shows. Colbert starts stuttering: “Oh, oh, yeah, I will grant you that.”

Colbert then tries to save face by saying Ailes wanted Fox News to be just entertainment and that is what caused the problems in the beginning with people working with him who were used to producing “the news.”

This is where Russell Crowe really shocks Colbert.

“You know Roger said many many times over the years that if he hadn’t seen a certain bias in media, then Fox News could have been the exact opposite,” Crowe explained.

“He was looking for the empty area of the market. And it was in his estimation that CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ah C-Span, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Times, The Post, everybody had a left-leaning bent—so to him what was available was a conservative audience that was being underserved,” said Crowe.

“And that proved to be very true because now you have one single news network that dominates half of the available audience,” Crowe added.

Colbert and the leftist audience were shocked. You could hear a pin drop in that studio.

Very quietly, Colbert says, “Right.”

How dare Russell Crowe not call Fox News “fake news” and how could he say half of the country are conservatives who had nowhere to get their news. How dare Russell Crowe say conservative Americans were being “underserved” and the majority of networks are “left-leaning.”

Russell Crowe validated that half of Americans are not crazy or uneducated but that the majority of so-called news networks are pumping out leftist views half of Americans don’t agree with. Those Americans are “conservatives,” and the majority of conservatives today are supporters of President Donald Trump.

This really caused Colbert to have a minor meltdown along with an epiphany, and he says about Ailes: “He won.” Colbert really means “the leftists lost.” It’s almost like he realizes for the first time conservatives aren’t crazy hillbillies — they represent half of all Americans.

Russell Crowe also made headlines last week when he stormed out of an interview after he heard the reporter smearing conservatives and Roger Ailes.

“Crowe, who stars as Ailes in the upcoming Showtime biopic The Loudest Voice was waiting in the wings at an event in Manhattan when he heard the panel host, Ricky Camilleri, launch into a mean-spirited attack on Ailes and conservatives during his introduction of Russell Crowe,” Breitbart reported. 

From the stage, Camilleri described Ailes as “someone who bullied journalists and politicians and was a ‘sick person.’ He then took it further, proceeding to expand on his negative views of Ailes,” Page Six reported.

“It was harmless,” says the source. “But Russell threw himself into a rage as soon as he heard it. It had not been preapproved by his people. He refused to walk out on the stage. He was screaming at people and then just stormed out onto the street.”

Russell Crowe ended up doing so much research in Roger Ailes that he learned the truth about the leftist media. And he doesn’t give a damn about being politically correct which shocked Stephen Colbert. It’s nice to see one major Hollywood star think for themselves and have the guts to say it on live TV.

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