Russian Model Detained At Airport After One Small Object Found In Luggage

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Russian Spy Link? Model Detained At Airport Over Objects Found In Luggage
Could Russian Playboy model Victoria Bonya be the spy that liberals are desperate to find? Not likely, but she was detained at the airport anyway.

With the liberal media in a frenzy to find a Russian spy connection to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency, even Playboy models are being scrutinized over “suspicious” items in their luggage.

Victoria Bonya must be growing accustomed to making headlines outside of Playboy magazine. In January, she and her friends were reprimanded by management at the plush Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah in Dubai after they posted racy photos of themselves in the hotel to Instagram.

#MyDubai Chilling with @mani_ca at the #beach

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“You have to understand that this is an Arab country. We have had a lot of complaints from families with your children,” a hotel spokesman told the Mirror newspaper. “We do not want to see our geolocation on photos of girls in semi-naked and erotic poses. Let the photograph simply state the location as Dubai.”

Bonya is back in the news today, as she was detained at the airport in Los Angeles after US Agents came to suspect that she was a Russian spy. According to Bonya, she was grilled after agents dug through her luggage and found a business card for Spy-Land, a company that sells small, hidden cameras.

“Instead of asking some real questions, the officer decided to talk about our president [Vladimir Putin],” she wrote on Instagram on February 23. “Finding out everything about my position, he started talking about the KGB,” she added. “I started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke, until they asked me the same thing for a third time! It was a big shock! I thought that was it and that they will deport me asap.”

Eventually, the model showed authorities at LAX her social media accounts, including a Twitter following of 1.9 million and an Instagram following of more than 5 million. They decided that a beautiful woman of such notoriety must not be a spy, after all.

Apparently, Bonya is not going to let her bad experience at the airport keep her from having fun.


Sunday is my favorite day 😝 #LosAngeles Люблю воскресенья 😉 #LA

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Could Victoria Bonya be the Russian link to the Trump administration that the Democrats and the liberal media have been searching for? Not likely, but liberals have the potential to spread this around as proof anyway since they aren’t exactly known for rational thinking.

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