Saggy-Pants Thug Nicknamed “Muscle Milk” Assaults Homeowner, Gets Brutal Instant Justice

A man in Louisiana was horrified when he opened his back door at night after hearing voices coming from his back yard. In an instant, a violent thug nicknamed “Muscle Milk” assaulted the homeowner as he tried to drag him back inside. Little did this punk know, the fed-up homeowner was about to give him a dose of instant, brutal justice.

Kalvin Ferrygood (Photo Credit: Facebook/Kalvin Ferrygood)

According to local news source WGNO, the shocking home invasion attempt took place at approximately 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. Deputies from the St. John Sheriff’s Department responded to an emergency call in the 3000 block of Cambridge Drive in LaPlace, where they found an armed homeowner and 27-year-old Kalvin Ferrygood, who was laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Deputies said the homeowner’s statement and surveillance video prove that the punk laying on the ground brought calamity on himself. Any protective homeowner would have done the same after what Ferrygood try to pull.

Screenshots from Facebook posts. (Photo Credit: Facebook/St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Dept/Kalvin Ferrygood)

According to local news source WWL, the 32-year-old homeowner who has not been identified or arrested, noticed voices coming from his back yard just before 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Before opening his back door to investigate, the homeowner made the one decision that probably saved his life — he grabbed his gun.

As he opened the back door, Sheriff Mike Tregre said that the homeowner was instantly assaulted by Ferrygood who apparently went by the nickname “Muscle Milk,” according to subsequent posts to Facebook by his family. Ferrygood could not have been more wrong about his decision to assault the homeowner and break into his house.

Sheriff Tregre said that the victim fired his gun multiple times hitting Ferrygood once in the abdomen dropping him to the ground. This was probably the most self-reflective moment Ferrygood had in a long time. He was later transported to a New Orleans hospital, where he died of his gunshot wound.

All too often these thugs try to victimize innocent people and end up in a morgue. The family of the thug usually shows up on social media or the mainstream media to tell everyone what a good guy he was, and this situation is no different. According to posts on Facebook from one of Ferrygood’s relatives, who identified herself as his niece, he was “just trying to get himself together.”

Screenshot of Facebook Post. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Angel Pierre)

Ferrygood was “just trying to get himself together” in the wrong way. The homeowner he tried to victimize certainly didn’t deserve to be assaulted on his own property. Thank God, he was prepared to do what was necessary to save his life and protect those he loves.

The Sheriff backed up the homeowner with a brief statement. “The subject just rushed into him, trying to force his way in,” Tregre said. “The home owner opened fire, striking the intruder.” Deputies are searching for another suspect who they believe was in the back yard with Ferrygood before they were discovered by the homeowner.

A handgun was also found lying in the back yard by deputies, which investigators are trying to trace the origins of. Could the abandoned handgun possibly have been dropped by Ferrygood or his accomplice? I’d bet money on it.

Here is another good example of why law-abiding Americans need to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Who knows if the 32-year-old homeowner would have survived a hand-to-hand combat session with Ferrygood. Why would anyone want to be put in that position? Meanwhile, Ferrygood’s family cries for justice.

Screenshot of Facebook Post. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Angel Pierre)

The post simply says, “Justice for Muscle milk.” I wonder how this thugs family would feel if they were the ones having to defend their loved ones from a violent attack at night? “Muscle Milk” attacked an innocent homeowner and justice has already been served.

Maybe the problem is that self-entitled degenerates like Ferrygood will always see themselves as victims that deserve some kind of compensation from society above and beyond the free housing, food stamps, and health care already provided. Our prayers go out to the real victims in this horrific incident — the homeowner and his family.

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