Sailors Approach Refugee Boat, Horrified By What Evil Muslim Migrants Are Doing

As asylum seekers continue to land on our shores, coastguard ships often spot them before they make landfall, bring them aboard, and detain them for questioning. However, as one vessel approached a refugee boat, the sailors were horrified when they spotted the incredibly sickening thing that migrants were doing on their raft.

Sailors Approach Refugee Boat, Horrified By What Evil Muslim Migrants Are Doing
As sailors approached an inflatable raft, they were immediately disturbed by what the so-called refugees were doing. (Photo Credit: Screenshot of footage/YouTube)

Despite the vast majority of arrivals being Muslim men from non-refugee countries, the left calls for open borders during the refugee crisis. Of course, Islamic countries are not held to the same standards when taking in their own. In fact, while most Muslim migrants are bypassing or passing through Islamic nations to reach Europe, these same Sharia countries are declaring that they do not want refugees because they commit crime and terror attacks.

Disturbingly, these fake refugees are not only invading the West under false pretenses but are even perpetrating heinous crimes before they’ve even completed their arduous journey.

While patrolling the Mediterranean, Euronews reports that Spanish NGO ship Proactiva Open Arms intercepted an inflatable dinghy carrying several dozen Muslim migrants. As the ship approached the asylum seekers, those aboard the sizable raft knew that the vessel meant that they were either going to be rescued and taken into Europe or turn them back toward Libya, which is from where many of the migrants navigating the Mediterranean set sail.

In a bid to force the authorities to bring them to Europe as refugees, the Muslim migrants quickly displayed their inexcusably barbaric beliefs without ever saying a word.

At 0:26 in the video, a Muslim migrant is seen thrusting an infant over the side of the raft as another holds up a toddler, threatening the NGO sailors that they have no problem hurling their babies into the freezing waters to drown if they don’t allow them entrance to Europe.

The exact location of the video is unclear, although Euronews reports that the “people smugglers” and around 230 illegal migrants were intercepted and brought to Italian authorities in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo. Police took statements from the migrants and arrested a 20-year-old man from Senegal and a 17-year-old man from Gambia for human trafficking.

Likewise, Turkish coast guards detained 96 migrants in the Aegean Sea attempting to reach Greece from Turkey. Although Turkey has been paid billions of dollars to stem the ceaseless flow of Muslim migrants to Europe, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President, has done little to block these invaders and is more concerned with Europe’s insults toward Islam.

Turkey is currently home to more than 3 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but not because of its hospitality or the asylum seekers’ desires. Turkey is merely a bridge to Europe’s welfare and benefits, which is the sole purpose of many Muslim migrants’ claim for asylum.

If these migrants are willing to not only endanger their children by lugging them along a dangerous trek from their safe non-refugee country but also dangling them over deadly waters, how should we expect them to treat their infidel European hosts? They systematically sacrifice their own flesh and blood for their own political, financial, and religious gain without a second thought. Of course, this is also what they instill in their offspring, should they make it out alive from their parents’ savage tactics.

Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for migrants to use their children as hostages in negotiations for asylum. In 2015, reports began surfacing of Muslim migrants threatening to drown their babies if they weren’t given refuge in Europe. Almost 1,000 illegal migrants were admitted into Italy after showing the Italian coastguard that they would kill their children unless they were rescued. Officials confirmed that migrants, who were mostly Kurdish men, dangled babies over the edges of the boats until authorities assured them that they would be brought into Italy. Even the few women who were on board were seen holding their infants over the churning waters.

“When officers tried to draw alongside they were shocked to see those on board threaten to throw babies overboard,” a coastguard-spokesman said. “They were hanging them over the side and told the coastguards not to come any closer or they would let go. Our men had never seen anything like it. They only calmed down and let us on board when we assured them they were in Italian waters and they would not be taken back to where they had sailed from.”

In a similar incident in 2013, migrants headed for Melilla were spotted by Guardia Civil and held 2 of the 4 children aboard over the side of the boat to let Spanish authorities know that they would let them fall into the water if they weren’t allowed to storm the beach.

In April 2015, Italian authorities confirmed that Muslim migrants threw overboard 12 Christian asylum seekers to drown in the Mediterranean. Angered by the Christians’ prayers, the Muslims set upon the Christians, telling them, “Here, we only pray to Allah.” The remaining Christians survived only by forming a human chain and clinging to the dinghy. One hour later, a rescue ship arrived to find that a dozen Christian refugees had been murdered by the Muslim invaders.

The West is assisting in its own death by welcoming in what is nothing more than a mass invasion to spread Islam. The Muslim migrants not only cling to their violent and oppressive values but seek to eradicate all others through persecution, economic burden, and political infiltration.

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