Samuel L Jackson Trashes Kavanaugh, Silenced After Pics From His Past Surface

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Samuel L. Jackson is among the liberal actors who have trashed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of unproven sexual misconduct allegations against him. However, Jackson probably should have done a bit more self-reflection before going after the well-respected judge, because some very damning pictures from his own past have now surfaced, leaving the loud-mouthed actor with quite a bit of explaining to do.

Samuel L. Jackson (Photo Credit: Walter McBride/WireImage/Getty Images)

Last Thursday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding allegations that he attempted to rape Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford during a drunken high school party 36-years-ago. In response to Kavanaugh’s testimony, actor Samuel L. Jackson tweeted out an edited video clip, writing, “Funny as hell, but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!”

Samuel L. Jackson certainly isn’t unique for coming out in opposition to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick. His opinion is shared by most celebrities, who have become so complacent in the liberal bubble of show business that they couldn’t think for themselves if they wanted to at this point. However, most of the entertainers who have denounced Judge Kavanaugh aren’t quite as hypocritical as Jackson.

The actor likely regrets his tweet about Kavanaugh, because a fellow Twitter user was quick to dig up a few photos from Jackson’s past that he surely wishes had stayed buried.


Apparently, Samuel L. Jackson has a bad habit of palling around with alleged serial sexual abusers. In fact, they’re some of his best friends. It certainly doesn’t make much sense to go after Kavanaugh when he has been so fond of alleged rapist types in the past, especially considering the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever to legitimize the allegations against Kavanaugh. There is a mountain of evidence, however, against the likes of notorious producer Harvey Weinstein, who is pictured with Jackson in the photos above.

But, of course, Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the only Tinsel Town leftist who was complicit in Harvey Weinstein’s lurid acts. Countless others knew what was going on over the course of several decades, yet none of them ever breathed a word of it, choosing to put their careers before the safety of their female colleagues.

Many of these entertainers, who allowed Weinstein to get away with his behavior for so long, have now come out in full force against Kavanaugh. But how can we possibly be expected to take them seriously now?

Weinstein was one of Hillary Clinton’s most generous donors. She should have known that he was assaulting women, but she chose to take his checks and look the other way. Considering who she’s married to, it was probably second nature. But, like Jackson, Hillary Clinton is opposing Kavanaugh with everything she’s got. The hypocrisy runs deep.

Brett Kavanaugh is among the most respected judges in the country. Never before in his career has he ever faced an allegation like the one Christine Blasey Ford made. In fact, dozens of women who grew up with him, have worked with him, and have known him for years have come forward to vouch for his unimpeachable character.

So, why have so many celebrities come out in opposition of him, when the accusations against him are not backed by any evidence? They took no issue with what Harvey Weinstein did until it was politically expedient to call him out.

Could it be because Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump, the bane of every leftist in Hollywood? Could these celebrities be speaking out against Kavanaugh because it is politically expedient to do so, much like they spoke out against Weinstein only when they absolutely had to in order to save face? It certainly seems that way.

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