WATCH: San Diego She-Thugs Brawl In Street Until Bystander Steps In With Nasty Surprise

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A shocking video has emerged of two San Diego she-thugs who tried to settle their dispute with their fists. However, their brawl was short lived when things took a turn they didn’t anticipate. Viewers watch in disbelief as the hair-pulling and hammer-fists come to an abrupt end as a fed-up bystander gives them both a nasty surprise they never saw coming, and rightfully so.

Screenshot from video of street brawl (Photo Credits: YouTube/FamViral)

According to the video uploaded to YouTube, the footage was captured on August 22, 2017, in San Diego, California. Although numerous street thugs get caught up in the brawl, it appears to have started with some kind of disagreement between two women who couldn’t settle their differences in a lady-like manner.

The clip, which was also uploaded to LiveLeak, begins with two combat ready she-thugs squaring off in the street. One of the women is wearing a black sweater and the other is sporting a pink top. As they close in on each other, they don’t waste any time throwing wild punches and locking onto each others hair. Several dozen spectators gather around to cheer on their street warriors as the fight gets underway.

Immediately, the combatant wearing the black sweater drags her opponent to the ground after pummeling her in the face. It wasn’t until the lady in pink was on her way down to the asphalt that one of her obvious supporters decided the fight wasn’t going as planned. The third woman, who is wearing a dress, steps in and tries to intervene, but that only provokes the spectators who are cheering for the other side to join the brawl.

At that point, it’s an all out street circus. The video continues to show dozens of grown adults losing every last trace of self-control. You have to wonder if anyone of them stopped to reflect and ask, “Why am I here?” or “What is it about my life choices that have me punching strangers in the middle of the road?” Just from looking at the video, there doesn’t’ appear to be a lot of self-reflection going on. That is until a fed-up bystander comes in with a can of pepper-spray and starts giving everyone a nasty surprise.

As the fight makes its way over to the fence, one woman who has obviously had enough pulls out some pepper-spray and starts shooting everyone in the face with it. This is really the only point in the video where I started rooting for someone. It is sad that it takes a bystander with pepper-spray to break up a street brawl between a bunch of adults. Something tells me this isn’t her first rodeo.

The woman with pepper-spray quickly sends combatants from both opposing sides scattering like cockroaches and the fight ends. Sadly, she will probably be the only one who goes to jail after a bunch of these degenerates file charges for being assaulted with pepper-spray. I’d like to speculate that she could argue self-defense, but this is Communist California.

The truth of the matter is that San Diego Police should identify every person possible seen fighting in the video and charge them all with assault. This kind of degenerate behavior shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere but unfortunately, there are some in our country who don’t believe the rule of law applies to them. They are the self-entitled crowd that lives by one rule — no absolutes. Thankfully, there was one person in the crowd willing to put a stop to the madness, at least until next time.

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