1 Day After Sarah Turns 54, Unspeakable Tragedy Strikes Palin Family — They Need Prayers

On Monday, former Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin celebrated her 54th birthday. As her children posted heartfelt messages on social media to wish her the happiest of birthdays and her family gathered to watch her blow out the candles on her cake, it certainly seemed as though all was well. However, just one day later, reports began to surface that tragedy had struck the Palin family. Now, they are in need of your prayers.

Sarah Palin turns 54-years-old (left); Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer pose for a family portrait with their three children (right) (Photo Credit: Bristol Palin/Instagram)

TMZ was the first to deliver the news on Tuesday that war hero Dakota Meyer had filed for divorce from Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter, Bristol. The veteran filed paperwork two weeks ago, according to a source, and moved out of the couple’s Austin, Texas, home around Christmas.

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Bristol and Dakota, who regularly took to social media to post loving messages to one another and share sweet photos of their family, have been notably quiet on Instagram. The last time Bristol posted a picture of the entire family was on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours ❤️

A post shared by Bristol Meyer (@bsmp2) on

In all of her more recent posts, Dakota is absent.

going to be a wild NYE here, 🥂 to 2018

A post shared by Bristol Meyer (@bsmp2) on

For his part, Dakota posted a family photo on January 7, which he affectionately captioned “What matters.” However, after that, his social media feed is devoid of any pictures of the kids or Bristol. Additionally, neither is wearing their wedding ring in recent pictures.

What matters

A post shared by Dakota Meyer (@dakotameyer0317) on

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Bristol and Dakota have a storied past. Dakota, who is the youngest person ever to be awarded the Medal of Honor, met Bristol in May 2014 during the filming of Sarah Palin’s Sportsman Channel show “Amazing America.”

The couple surprised everyone when they married in a private ceremony back in 2016, a little over a year after calling off their first wedding just days before the nuptials were set to take place. They have two daughters, 2-year-old Sailor and Atlee Bay, who was born back in May.

The couple had planned to wed over Memorial Day Weekend in Dakota’s home state of Kentucky back in 2015, but the wedding was called off at the last second.

That December, Bristol gave birth to the couple’s daughter Sailor Grace.

Six months after she announced that birth, Bristol and Dakota surprised everyone by revealing they were married.

Dakota had first revealed he and Bristol were back together just days prior with a photo he posted on Facebook and Instagram, which showed his former fiancee wearing a diamond ring. [Source: Daily Mail]

Bristol, 27, also has a 9-year-old son named Tripp from her high school relationship with Levi Johnston. Johnston still lives in Alaska. He has since married and shares two little girls with his wife, Sunny.

Happier Times: Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer pose for two photos taken one year apart, showing off their growing family. (Photo Credit: Bristol Palin/Instagram)

Neither Bristol or Dakota have released a statement on their impending divorce, so it looks as though they had intended to handle this matter privately, as a family, until someone leaked the story to the media, no doubt for a hefty paycheck.

At whatever time the pair do decide to comment on their separation, perhaps we will gain more knowledge regarding what, specifically, contributed to the breakdown of their marriage. However, Bristol and Dakota have always tried to handle their disputes quietly in the past, despite the fact that the media inevitably begins to foam at the mouth anytime they get wind of the slightest bit of Palin family drama.

Bristol has been a target of media scrutiny for over a decade now. Indeed, as soon as her mother revealed that she was pregnant out of wedlock at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the press has used her to shame conservative women who choose life for their children and advocate for family values.

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Please pray for the Palins and the Meyers during this difficult time. While we know very little about the extent of Bristol and Dakota’s family issues, we do know that the power of prayer is real and that it can change hearts.

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