Left Pushes Ridiculous FAKE STORY About Sarah Palin & Black Santa

Ever since Donald Trump’s Election Day win, butt-hurt liberals everywhere have been pushing the ridiculous notion of “fake news,” blaming false stories on why Hillary Clinton lost the election. While the left continues to slander legitimate conservative sites as “fake” as a way to get revenge, they just got busted for pushing a ridiculous fake story about Sarah Palin and a black Santa Clause. Now, these morons are having to eat crow, and their embarrassment is nothing short of hilarious.

Sarah Palin is always a favorite target for liberals, as she represents everything that the left despises. From Saturday Night Live skits to full-blown movies, these idiots waste no amount of resources to take Palin down a notch and mock her.

When they heard a rumor of Palin calling for a boycott at the Mall of America in Minnesota over its black Santa Claus, morons from the left took the bait — hook, line, and sinker.

The story was first posted by the left-leaning website Newslo, claiming that Palin called for a boycott of the Mall of America after telling the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, “Santa was always white in the Bible.” From that point on, the story was shared widely on social media by stupid liberals who believed the ridiculous claim.

However, the Star Tribune never ran such a story about Palin, and the newspaper’s managing editor, Suki Dardarian, came forward on Tuesday speaking with The Associated Press and clarifying that none of her reporters ever spoke with Palin about the mall hiring a black Santa.

Leave it to liberals to make complete idiots out of themselves. It’s funny that these are the very same idiots going on social media tirades about “fake news,” when they are the biggest aggregates of fake stories and ridiculous propaganda in existence.

You gotta know Sarah Palin is laughing her ass off right now, at another miserable smear attempt from the left to take her down. If I was her, I would never let the left live this down.

H/T [Breitbart]

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