Sarah Sanders’ Birthday Tweet Delivers Epic Backhanded Blow To NBC 

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If there’s one person whom liberals loathe as much as President Donald Trump, it’s White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Despite the left’s constant nasty criticism of her, Sarah always manages to come out on the top, routinely making the liberal media eat their own words. So it didn’t come as much surprise that during Dan Scavio’s birthday on Monday, she used the day to poke a little fun at the liberal media in the process.

Sarah Sanders (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The propaganda machine of the left is always looking for ways to smear and criticize President Donald Trump. However, their attempt to make Trump look like a huge jerk over Christmas blew up in their faces.

We all remember how NBC put Trump on blast for “not visiting troops” in Iraq and Germany over Christmas, but his surprise visit made the media outlet look extremely foolish.

The Press Secretary took to Twitter to wish President Trump’s social media assistant happy birthday and added a little dig aimed at NBC in the process.

“Happy Birthday @Scavino45 one of my favorite people at the WH and one of the most talented people I know,” the tweet began.

Sanders then added context to the uploaded picture, showing herself with Dan Scavino Jr and National Security Adviser John Bolton, laughing along with the caption: “Photo of us reading NBC story about @POTUS not visiting the troops, while he’s visiting the troops in Iraq and Germany over Christmas.”

Of course, the fact-checking geniuses at NBC didn’t realize that plans were already in motion for Trump to surprise our troops, as he was already en route to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. Much to the dismay of the liberal media, Melania Trump was also along for the trip.

What was hilarious, is that after they couldn’t blast Trump for not visiting the troops, the liberal media then started picking apart his action of signing MAGA hats, accusing the troops of “violating military rules.”

Prior to the trip, Trump had been criticized repeatedly by the media for not visiting a war zone during his time in office. NBC News prematurely accused the president of skipping the presidential tradition of meeting with troops around Christmastime, writing shortly before the president’s unannounced visit to Iraq, “Trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmas time.

Being unable to criticize Trump for visiting the troops, some news outlets turned their focus to the service members who received him.

CNN noticed that some of the troops carried “Make America Great Again” hats and asked the president to sign them. CNN repeatedly suggested on Twitter and on air that the troops had violated military rules by having the hats. [Source: Daily Caller]

It just goes to show that no matter what our President does, he will always be met with the vicious ridicule of liberals who continue to suffer from their Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Luckily for our President, however, he’s got a bulldog in the form of Sarah Sanders who continually makes the mainstream media look foolish.