Snowflakes Get Triggered After Seeing What Sarah Sanders Targeted With Her Shotgun

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is relaxing back in Arkansas, and she just set the internet on fire after she shared photos of herself armed with a shotgun. Dressed in hunting attire, Sanders, who was born and raised in the South, says she learned more than just how to bake pecan pies down on the family farm. The press secretary immediately triggered every leftist snowflake as she shared what she was targeting with her shotgun. You’ll love this.

Triggered liberal snowflake (left), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, Sarah Sanders/Twitter)

Ever since the crazy “pecan pie incident,” where CNN’s April Ryan accused Sarah Sanders of posting a fake pie online over Thanksgiving, it seems the press secretary is having a ball turning the tables on the leftist losers who troll her online. In fact, Sanders is now trolling every liberal snowflake out there, making them melt into big pools of tears.

That’s exactly what our honorable press secretary was doing when she posted a picture of herself, wearing a camouflage hunting jacket and armed with a shotgun, with the caption, “Back home where we learned how to do more than just bake pecan pies. #trapshooting #pull.”

Oh, the outrage! You would have thought Sarah had posted a photo of herself killing Bambi. Actually, as you might have guessed from the hashtag, Sarah was just shooting at clay pigeons, at that point, but you know how the nutjobs are about Americans using guns in any capacity, so the internet mayhem ensued.

One of the triggered, named Mrs. Betty Bowers, tweeted a graph trying to prove Sarah’s photo was fake. She wrote, “Sarah Sanders pretends to ‘go huntin’ in the country’ without taking her slippers off. I do enjoy the members of the Trump Theater Troupe serving up ham-fisted inauthenticity by putting on cute costumes and pretending to be how they think Donald’s dwindling base looks and acts.”

Wow, it looks like Ms. Bowers fell prey to Sarah’s expert trolling, and that reaction says it all. But, there’s more. Bowers is a real nutjob, who persecutes Christians. For Christmas Day, she tweeted, “December 25th, that awkward day when the Lord is reminded He slept with His own Mother to conceive Himself.”

This type of anti-Christian sentiments comes from Satan himself, and we need to be aware that it’s President Donald Trump and his administration who stand in the gap, protecting us from these types of Satanists.

Anyone who can be so glib and promote that kind of vile talk about our Lord and His Mother serves evil, so it’s no wonder this disgusting woman trolls Sarah Sanders daily, and we mean daily. She is literally stalking Sarah online.

On a lighter note, there were also the plain ignorant snowflakes who took umbrage with our dear White House press secretary simply holding a shotgun.

“I’m pretty certain you’re on your front stoop based on the landscaping. Also confident that discharging a firearm that close to a residence is a crime in most states. #LockHerUp,” tweeted Justin Cook.

Except, it was not her front yard. In fact, her father, former Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted, “Today is a duck hunt on a COLD day in AR. Duck pie anyone? @PressSec might make one of those.”

Shooting at the clay pigeons was just a warm-up for a real duck hunt. Of course, Sarah Sanders is loved by many Americans who came to her defense against the snowflakes and evildoers who couldn’t help but show their hate.

I don’t think any other modern-day press secretary has ever taken the kind of heat Sarah Sanders endures daily. I also don’t think we have any idea of the pressure she is under. The mainstream media are all vying to be the one to catch her screwing up, making one mistake. Those press conferences are like going into battle, and she’s an army of one against a room full of haters. Then, she gets hit on social media by disgusting evil creatures who know she is a staunch Christian.

Yet, she keeps going and doesn’t let them see her sweat anything they say or do. Saturday Night Live takes aim at her too, but she keeps her chin up, knowing what she is doing is serving God and her country every day. Maybe that is why she has become such a star with Trump supporters. We see her, and she says all the right things and her timing is impeccable. Sometimes, we find heroes in the most unlikely places, so God Bless Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a true American patriot.

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