MORE Shocking Pics Of What Sasha Did In Florida Prove She’s As Bad As Mom

With the three-day weekend giving First Daughter Sasha Obama an extra day to do as she pleased, it seems as though she wasn’t going to waste a single second. Unfortunately for her, it seems that a few more pictures have leaked – and what they show her doing proves she’s as bad as her mother.

Mad World News previously reported on how Sasha Obama skipped out on her father’s farewell address only giving a vague (and not very convincing) excuse that she had to study. However, when she was seen just a few days later in Miami, Florida with a few friends, it painted quite a different picture.

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Although rumors that there was trouble in paradise for the Obama family haven’t been proven, what is clear is that the Obama kids certainly don’t fall far from the Obama tree. We’ve watched on for nearly a decade as Barack and Michelle Obama leeched off the American taxpayer, using the Federal Reserve as their own personal checkbook.

#Spotted: #SashaObama soaks up the sun with #MaisyBiden in Miami after missing dad's farewell speech.

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Now, we’re seeing the kids do the same. As Sasha continues her relaxing vacation in Florida, the American people are seeing that she’s just as bad as her mother. Seen living it up at the beach with friends, there’s no doubt that she’s become perfectly comfortable spending money that belongs to other people for the sake of her own leisure.

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Of course, she couldn’t stop there as she saw fit to invite a few friends along with her on her little vacation. “Among Sasha’s buddies was Maisy Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s granddaughter,” EurWeb reports.

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If anything has been made clear at this point, it’s that the Obama family has to go. With only a few days left at this point, that will certainly be made the case – but not soon enough. For a man to do literally nothing in office while frivolously spending the money of the American taxpayer, that’s more along the lines of living like a king. That, right there, is the exact definition of a tyrant – and his daughters follow their parents’ example rather well.