SC Politician Sick Of Saggy Pants, Puts Thugs In Their Place By Unleashing Brutal Surprise

Things are heating up in South Carolina after at least one politician has grown sick and tired of seeing sagging pants around town. Too bad for the thugs who wear their clothes in such a way, they just got put in their place after receiving the perfect surprise.

SC Politician Sick Of Saggy Pants, Puts Thugs In Place By Unleashing Brutal Surprise
Rep. Joe Jefferson (left), a stock image of sagging pants (right) (Photo Credit: South Carolina Legislature, csc4u/Wikimedia Commons)

There’s no doubt about it — no one wants to see someone else’s underwear while walking down the street. With rumors swirling that the whole “sagging pants” trend started in prison as a way for one man to signal to another that he was looking for homosexual sex, it’s a wonder why the practice still exists today.

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Unfortunately, it does, and it actually bothers a lot of people. In fact, there’s a short 7-second video that proves how sick of the sight people are and why it’s actually a bad idea in general:

In the end, people just want to put an end to the ridiculous style. After all, they’re called “underwear” which means they should be “under” your other clothes, not showing for the world to see. Fortunately, it looks like at least one politician is sick and tired of seeing sagging pants around town and has recently decided to do something about it.

South Carolina lawmakers have put these thugs in their place by dropping a brutal surprise on them. In all, politicians have proposed a bill that would hopefully serve as a deterrent to the indecent practice and could even cost them some hard earned cash in the long run.

If passed, House Bill 4957 would make it illegal for a person to wear pants “sagging more than three inches below his ileum.” Now, as it stands, there’s actually an issue with the wording of the bill since “ileum” refers to the lower end of the small intestine. It seems that what lawmakers actually meant was to use the word “ilium,” which is the largest and most superior or uppermost part of the three bones that join to form the hipbone.

Ilium vs. Ileum (Photo Credit: Screengrab from Medical Terminology Slideplayer)

Once this typographical error is fixed, the bill proposes that “Anyone found violating the law would face a $25 fine for a first offense, a $50 fine and up to three hours of community service for a second offense and a $75 fine and up to six hours of community service for subsequent violations,” the New York Post reports.

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Lawmakers say the bill is not about making criminals out of those who wear their pants this way but rather serving as a deterrent and ending the behavior. “Violations of the law would not be considered criminal or put that person’s participation in a state college or university financial assistance program at risk, according to the bill,” the Post adds. “One of the bill’s sponsors insists the proposed measure is all about ending an ‘unbecoming’ and ‘unprofessional’ look – and denied that the bill is designed to target minorities.”

“It’s no more than a warning to allow these fellas to be more responsible,” Democratic Rep. Joe Jefferson told WLTX. “It is not just targeting African-American men. I see men of all races walking around with this same problem. It is just disingenuous, we should not have this. There ought to be a better way.”

Of course, not everyone agrees with the idea as many suggest that the government has no right to regulate what we wear, so long as we’re fully covered. In all, the bill was submitted with the signatures of 11 South Carolina lawmakers, but that has dwindled as 5 of 6 have since requested that their names be removed from the document.

For now, it’s unclear whether or not the bill will pass, but there seems to be equal support both for and against the measure. In all honesty, it’s sad that such a bill even needs to be considered. If people could just show a little self-respect and dignity, this wouldn’t be an issue of discussion.

No one wants to see someone else’s underwear while walking down the street and have their kids exposed to that, but on the other hand, is the government really going to walk around with tape measures to make sure pants are where they are legally required to be?

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While people have the right to walk around looking like complete and utter morons, the unfortunate truth is that this country is struggling as many in our society continue to abandon morals. It’s a fine line to walk, but each side has its fair share of supporters and detractors.