1 Week After Scalise Contracts Infection, DC Hospital Releases Update — Please Pray

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has been undergoing treatment at MedStar Washington Hospital since June 14, when he was shot as a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on lawmakers in Virginia. Last week, he was forced to endure yet another surgery after contracting an infection, and now, doctors have finally released news on his condition. Prayers are needed, as it appears the road ahead will not be an easy one for the House Majority Whip.

According to Dr. Jack Sava, the director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital, Scalise sustained a trans-pelvic gunshot wound which substantially damaged his bones, internal organs, and blood vessels, when he was shot in the hip by James Hodgkinson at a baseball field in Arlington, Virginia, last month, when the Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game.

MedStar Washington Hospital released a statement on behalf of the Scalise family following the congressman’s most recent surgery on July 6, saying, “Congressman Steve Scalise underwent surgery for the management of infection. He tolerated the procedure well. He remains in serious condition. We will provide updates as appropriate.”

Scalise has since been released from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nearly one week after being readmitted due to contracting the infection. However, he remains in serious condition and has a long way to go to regain his health.

“Congressman Steve Scalise remains hospitalized at MedStar Washington Hospital Center,” read a Thursday statement from the hospital. “Today, he underwent surgery for the management of deep tissue infection related to his bullet wounds. He is in fair condition, and will require careful monitoring to see if and when further interventions are necessary.”

Scalise was transferred on Wednesday out of the intensive care unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, but he was still in serious condition. [Source: Yahoo! News]

At this time, Scalise’s body continues to fight the infection for which he underwent surgery, although it is being managed with antibiotics. As soon as the infection is successfully treated, doctors will discuss plans to move the Louisiana Republican to an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Meanwhile, in recognition of Scalise, the official photograph of the 115th Congress has been delayed until he is well enough to appear with his fellow legislators. According to Western Journalism, House Administration Committee Chairman Gregg Harper, a Republican, and Rep. Robert Brady, the committee’s ranking Democrat, sent an email to members of Congress on Tuesday notifying them of the postponement.

“The decision was made to wait until Whip Scalise is able to be present,” Erin McCracken, a committee spokeswoman, told CNN. The photograph of the 115th Congress was originally scheduled for July 18, but per the email from the committee, they will “send out a notification when a new date and time is scheduled.”

Rep. Scalise and his family, who have been by his side throughout this horrifying ordeal, can use all of the prayers they can get right now. As the congressman continues to fight for his health, please keep him in your thoughts and your prayers. We need him back at the Capitol, fighting for conservative values, as soon as possible.

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