Deranged Scarborough Makes DISGUSTING Claim About Trump at the Border

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Joe Scarborough attacked Donald Trump over his plan to secure the border with troops. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Daily Caller, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Fake news pusher Joe Scarborough slammed President Donald Trump while discussing the crisis at the border. Citing Trump’s move to send troops to prevent a massive caravan from reaching the United States, Scarborough said Trump would do something utterly terrible. The host went on to make wild claims about the Secretary of Defense.

Democrats really don’t get it. Americans watch in horror as thousands of migrants march toward the U.S. We are outraged that the Democrats would allow caravans of strangers to bombard our border.

Americans of all stripes are against illegal immigration. Period. Yet liberals continue to exploit it, hoping illegal aliens would help them win elections.

Their radical stance has motivated thousands of migrants from South American to form a caravan. They have marched through Mexico, determined to enter the United States — our immigration laws be damned.

The attention from the first caravan inspired more to form. Now, several caravans of thousands are moving toward the country. This has become a full-blown crisis. As the president and conservatives demand action, the left all but ignores it.

Democrats in the media have tried to distract from the caravans. They’ve made a big deal about hoax bombs sent to liberals. They tried to play up the horrible Pittsburgh shooting to make Trump look bad. But Americans haven’t forgotten the caravans moving toward us.

President Trump promised to send troops to secure the border. He acknowledges this for what it is: an invasion.

But bitter Joe Scarborough attacked the president over his attempts to keep us safe. During his show, he actually claimed Trump would have Marines shoot “9-year-old girls” who tried to cross.

Joe Scarborough suggested President Donald Trump’s immigration strategy is to have Marines shoot at “9-year-old girls” approaching the U.S. southern border if they throw rocks at soldiers.

“The thing that is so striking is Donald Trump actually believes by talking about marauding brown men coming to America that somehow this is his strategy to make the gender gap smaller, and shooting at 9-year-old girls if they throw rocks at fully armed U.S. Marines or soldiers?” Scarborough said Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

Like the rest of the fake news, Scarborough is lying about the caravans. We already know that they are made up of mostly young adult men. Among their ranks, there are criminals, including cartel members and murderers. The women and children are being used as pawns to enter the country.

These caravans have already gotten violent. Mexican police have been injured trying to manage the horde. It’s very likely that they will try to force their way across the U.S. border, possibly becoming violent if met with resistance.

U.S. troops will have to defend themselves.

Yet Scarborough ignores all that by suggesting the caravans are made up of only innocent victims. And that our president (a father and grandfather) would really order them to be harmed.

This is how low the Democrats will go.

Scarborough went on to make wild speculations about James Mattis.

Scarborough said he doesn’t think Secretary of Defense James Mattis will agree with Trump’s plan to send soldiers to the border and said the president’s “political ploy” might cause Mattis to resign from the administration in protest.

“I just find it hard to believe that James Mattis is going to allow any of this to move forward,” Scarborough said. [Source: The Daily Caller]

I guess this dummy hasn’t seen the news where the Pentagon has already ordered troops to the border. The number of troops is expected to rise, as the caravan crisis continues.

It looks like Mattis agrees with the president that the caravans pose an imminent threat. Thousands of foreigners are trying to force their way into our country. Why shouldn’t we protect it?

But far be it from the left to look at the facts, when they are bashing our president.

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