Man Snaps Scenic Pic At River, Shocked By What He Caught Behind The Flag

After fishing all day at his favorite remote Mississippi river spot, the sun started to set and the fisherman was preparing to head in when he decided to snap a photo of the scenic area around him. With the American flag in the forefront, he was overcome with pride for our country when he noticed something else that was there that left him in shock.

Man Snaps Scenic Pic At Lake, Shocked By What He Caught Behind The Flag
Steve Bankston

Steve Bankston is no stranger to the Bogue Chitto River since it’s his go-to retreat to escape the world and take in nature. He and his wife have spent many hours there, enjoying the calm and catching fish, but over Memorial Day weekend, they found themselves witnessing a sight they weren’t expecting, as caught on his camera in a single shot.

Steve has a habit of taking photographs of his flag, which he’s made a permanent fixture at the river. However, his most recent shot will be one he remembers forever. In sharing the picture on social media, he explained that as they were packing up their gear, he looked up to see the last bit of the sun shining through his flag and saw an American soldier appear in the glare.

Man Snaps Scenic Pic At Lake, Shocked By What He Caught Behind The Flag
Steve’s moving photo from Memorial Day that shows the soldier in the flag, caught by chance

“We might look at a cloud and everybody see a different image and the same for this picture but what I see is the Image of an American Soldier with his Helmet on Protecting our Country and Us,” Steve wrote on Facebook with his incredibly poetic photo that has since been shared by Love What Matters and thousands of Americans.

It wasn’t lost on this patriotic citizen that this image appeared, serving as a reminder of a soldier’s sacrifice for our country. Never before nor since then has he seen such a thing. The picture is proof of what appeared, and it’s left an impression on thousands of citizens who have seen it since.

While the image is up for interpretation like most art tends to be, before even reading the description Steve wrote, I saw the soldier in the sunlight in the picture. It’s a little gift from beyond the grave, reminding us of those who selflessly gave it all and paid the ultimate price for that flag the soldier’s silhouette appeared on. It’s such a moving tribute to our fallen military and a reminder of what’s worth fighting for.