Schiff Tries To Destroy Rep. Stefanik Who ‘Kicked His A**’ — Backfires Big Time

Chairman Adam Schiff immediately started attacking GOP Congresswoman Elise Stefanik by spreading disgusting lies about her after Friday’s disastrous public impeachment hearing. Stefanik was touted for “kicking Adam Schiff’s a**” during the hearing as she expertly exposed his “star witness” as a blatant liar. Well, now it’s Schiff who is getting destroyed as his vicious lies about Stefanik are exposed. You’ll love this.

Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Elise Stefanik (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Rep. Elise Stefanik became the Democrat’s main target following Friday’s impeachment hearing. The young, vibrant, and intelligent New York Congresswoman first made a name for herself on March 20, 2017, when she singlehandedly exposed then-acting FBI Director James Comey as a liar. At that point, she was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

Stefanik questioned Comey about why he purposefully did not inform congressional oversight, Gang-of-Eight, about the FBI investigation of candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Stefanik caught Comey off-guard, and his only response, albeit stuttered, was: “because of the sensitivity of the matter?”

It was the first major breakthrough in proving the deep state really had targetted Trump in an illegal spy campaign. It’s important to note Stefanik wasn’t on the “Trump Train” when she first came to Congress. However, after it became clear to the Harvard-educated Stefanik that Adam Schiff and the Democrats were conspiring to overthrow the duly-elected president, she became a force for truth and justice.

She also became a target for the Trump-haters, which brings us to the barrage of lies Schiff and the Democrats hit Stefanik with over the weekend. 

It all started after Stefanik exposed Schiff’s “star witness” Marie Yovanovitch.

“Rep. Stefanik again showed her acumen when she asked Ambassador Yovanovitch to reconcile her opening statement about not ever discussing Hunter Biden or Burisma against evidence Ms. Yovanovitch previously admitting to an extensive briefing session specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma.  Once again, Stefanik caught a political operative in their network of lies,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

This line of questioning by Stefanik has gone viral:

This admission by former Ambassador Yovanovitch directly contradicted her testimony that was made only minutes before the admission.

“Contrary to her opening statement, former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch later admitted under questioning that Obama-Biden officials prepared her to answer questions about Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma during her 2016 confirmation hearing,” Trump War Room tweeted.

Immediately after Stefanik destroyed the Democrats’ “star witness,” Schiff made sure his allies in the media began to attack her. “Hence, as if on cue, the entire apparatus of the political left began attacking their #1 new enemy [Elise Stefanik]. Today the unholy alliance of corrupt political operatives and the allied media went on the attack,” CTH adds.

CNN’s Susan Hennesey, who is their “national security and legal analyst,” got the memo to attack Stefanik during the hearing and tweeted: “Stefanik has really trashed her reputation in these hearings and in ways that haven’t actually advanced the Republicans cause at all. It’s a very bizarre move. Why not just let Nunes and Jordan, who have little to lose by way of reputation, do the dirty work instead?”

CNN’s Hennesey claiming “Stefanik really trashed her reputation” is the mainstream media telling the New York Congresswoman she is now one of their biggest enemies. Hennesey knows the real reason why Stefanik has become such a staunch defender of Trump in these hearings. The GOP Congresswoman has seen all the evidence and is on the side of truth and justice, and that’s why she is so dangerous and must be destroyed.

Then, Schiff and his cohorts take the attack up a notch after the hearing. This fake picture of Elise Stefanik “flipping off the camera” during the hearing was tweeted out by Adam Schiff and many prominent Democrats:

They also started urging Democrats to flood Stefanik’s opponent in the upcoming election 2020 with donations. The mainstream media started plastering social media with the fake Stefanik photo.

“This is the original video of Rep Elise Stefanik that was altered by to make it seem that she was giving the middle finger (see next post). George Conway retweeted it and called her trash.”

It was truly disgusting to see this attack was also started by Adam Parkhomenko. “Hilary Clinton campaign manager (and friend of Avenatti) started the attack on Congresswoman Stefanik. This is the first tweet. Then it gets worse,” tweeted Svetlana Lokhana.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and other patriots were congratulating Stefanik for “kicking Adam Schiff’s a**.” Trump tweeted: “A Republican star is born. Great going @EliseStefanik.”

Deplorable Annie responded like so many others by tweeting: “Elise Stefanik kicked Adam ‘Shady’ Schiff’s pompous a** #ImpeachmentHearings She proved just how biased & political these partisan impeachment hearings are #MarieYovanovich was ‘PREPPED’ by Obama’s OWN State Dept on how to answer questions abt Hunter Biden’s ‘job’ at Burisma!”

Luckily, Rep. Stefanik fought back, and patriotic Americans joined her. “It’s VERY Clear. Far-left Dems & Never Trumpers CANNOT handle the Truth. That’s why they are launching disgusting smears & doctoring photos of me in a sick attempt to intimidate me. Thx for proving that our side is WINNING. Donate NOW to help me fight back,” Stefanik tweeted.

Rep. Elise Stefanik came to Congress as a “moderate Republican,” who was not on the “Trump Train.” That’s what makes her a double threat to the Democrats. No one can say that Stefanik is a partisan hack who will defend Trump no matter what.

The GOP Congresswoman, after seeing all the evidence and watching Adam Schiff’s shenanigans firsthand, fought back against the tyrannical Democrats’ plot to unseat the duly elected president. She outsmarted Schiff and his anti-Trump attorneys by exposing their star witness’ lies. And what does she get for doing her job? She becomes the target of attacks by unscrupulous saboteurs in the Democrat Party and their buddies in the mainstream media.

The Democrats fear Stefanik, and they should. They can’t call her a Trump hack. She might just be the most important player in this entire debacle. Anyone sitting on the fence about these impeachment hearings can watch Stefanik in action and know without a shadow of a doubt that President Trump is being set up.

We all owe her a debt of gratitude for being strong enough to stand up against the entire Democrat-media complex that has the power to destroy her. Rep. Elise Stefanik decided she had no choice but to do the right thing. Let’s make sure she gets re-elected by spreading this information to as many Americans as possible who still honor real patriots who are truly fighting real evil in our government and beyond.

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