School Bus Driver Was Removed Because Of What He Was Doing With Students

A school bus driver in Minneapolis was removed from his route after his company discovered what he was doing with the kids on the bus. His response? He claims his rights are being attacked.

A school bus driver was removed from his route. (Photo Credit: ThoseGuys119/Flickr/Star-Tribune)

George Nathaniel had been working as a school bus driver for over a year. From all appearances, he was doing a good job. He had a busy route, taking students in Brooklyn Park to a Russian language charter school. There seemed to be no complaints; all the children got to school and back home safely.

After some time, though, the transportation company discovered he was doing something with the children. As they quickly discovered, he had done this at a previous job driving a school bus. He was fired over it. It upset the company so much, they removed him from his route.

What was Nathaniel doing that made this company so upset? First, you have to know, George Nathaniel is a church pastor. The great crime he committed with these children? He was praying with them.

Now, his job is in jeopardy, simply because he was exercising his First Amendment right.

A school bus driver says he was taken off his route last week because he was leading students in prayer while driving, alleging that the move violates his constitutional rights to freely speak and practice his religion.

It’s not the first time that George Nathaniel has raised concerns by praying with children on a bus. Four years ago, Nathaniel was fired from his job driving Burnsville kids to school for the same reason.

But that didn’t stop Nathaniel, pastor of a Minneapolis congregation, from trying again with students attending Nasha Shkola, a Brooklyn Park charter school focused on Russian language and culture. [Source: Star-Tribune]

What kind of country are will living in where a pastor cannot say a few words of prayer with students? Nathaniel did nothing to harm these kids. In fact, he made it clear that he didn’t even force them to pray with him.

Those that wanted to pray, he prayed with. Considering what goes on in our schools today, a little bit of prayer should be welcomed. I’m sure some parents were happy, knowing the bus driver was praying with their kids, rather than doing anything inappropriate.

But in our backward school system, a simple prayer is as evil as any crime. Since taking prayer out of schools, the educational system is almost allergic to anything resembling faith. Students of all ages face persecution, bullying, and hostility if they exercise their faith on campus. Teachers and faculty could be fired for even mention God in class.

It comes as no surprise, then, that a school bus driver faces the loss of his job. Just because he prayed with kids.

Quality Care Transportation removed Nathaniel from his route last week, the Star-Tribune newspaper reported. He began working for the company in January 2017 and drove children to Nasha Shkola, a charter school in Brooklyn Park focused on Russian language and culture.

He started folding prayer into the bus ride this winter. “The students would volunteer to lead the prayer,” Nathaniel said, according to The AP…

Nathaniel said he never forced students to pray. He also expressed shock that parents had complained because he’d talked about the issue with them. “That’s where the Constitution comes in,” Nathaniel said, according to the wire service. [Source: Fox News]

The bus driver and pastor admitted he wanted to share his faith with the children. So many kids grow up without even a basic knowledge of God in their homes. This might have been the only chance they could have heard the Good News. Imagine the kind of parent that is so hostile to faith, they’d attack a man for encouraging prayer.

Naturally, they lied about the bus driver. They said he “forced” them to pray when he made it clear students volunteered. Lying about the man is what forced the company to remove him. He isn’t officially fired, but they’ve yet to reassign him.

I wonder if the parents who complained are happy with his replacement. It’s probably someone who won’t pray with the kids. But perhaps he won’t be as kind, thoughtful, or safe. A man who prays is a man who takes extra steps to ensure the children are happy and healthy. You can’t say that for all bus drivers. Hopefully, Nathaniel will find a better route.

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