School District Refuses To Arm Teachers, Shocked At What They Gave Them Instead

People are freaking out after a Pennsylvania school district issued teachers an ineffective tool instead of guns to fight back in the event of an active shooter situation. Will this “symbolic” weapon stop real bullets or put more lives in danger?

Classroom of Millcreek Township School District (background), William Hall (inset) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Millcreek Township School District, YouTube/Today’s TMJ4)

Although the Millcreek Township School District received an overwhelming number of requests from the community to arm at least some teachers in the event of an active shooter situation, the decision has been made to give the district’s nearly 500 teachers a piece of sporting goods equipment instead. The new blunt object is being called a “symbolic” weapon.

According to Blue Lives Matter, members of the Millcreek Township School District have armed teachers with little baseball bats in response to the community’s overwhelming demand that at least some teachers be allowed to carry a firearm. The demand for armed teachers comes in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 innocent people.

If this sounds like a stupid idea, that’s because it is. How on earth does the school district expect teachers to face down an armed attacker with a small baseball bat? Are they going to give them a catcher’s helmet too? This move by the school district is pure lunacy and a joke.

According to the Erie Times-News, Superintendent William Hall said that teachers will not be expected to confront a gunman with the bats. Oh, well, that’s good news; the teachers don’t have to swing at bullets with a souvenir bat as part of their job requirements.

“The bats are more symbolic than anything,” Hall said. “However, we do want to have one consistent tool to have at somebody’s disposal in a classroom in the event they have to fight.” In my opinion, the community in Millcreek Township should immediately recall every member of the deranged school board, including Superintendent Hall for this idiotic decision.

The school district issued approximately 500 teachers a 16-inch bat on Monday, April 9, 2018, during a training session on how to respond to school shootings. Hall said that the school district’s “Trojan Response” plan includes more than a lockdown.

“It’s not about just hiding and waiting,” he said. “There are options, and one of those is to fight.” Well, I wonder how Hall himself would feel if he were in a classroom full of terrified innocent kids as bullets came bursting through the door. If he were one of the teachers in his school district, would he then pick up his 16-inch baseball bat and take the shooter to pound-town? I think not.

Liberals never understand one thing about engaging an active shooter, and that is the simple concept that equal or greater force is necessary. Why don’t the morons on the Millcreek Township School District school board understand that you don’t bring a bat to a gunfight?

Notably, the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, started this imbecilic trend in March 2018, by providing each of their district’s classrooms with a bucket of river rocks to throw at a gunman in lieu of arming teachers.

Echoing Superintendent Hall’s idiotic remarks about teachers fighting back with baseball bats was president of the Millcreek Education Association Jon Cacchione. He heads up the union which represents the district’s teachers. In my opinion, their union dues are being wasted.

Cacchione said that the baseball bats are to remind teachers that they should fight if they have to do so. “It’s to make people comfortable with the idea that they can attack and not simply go into hard lockdown and just hide, as we’d been told in our training up to this point,” Cacchione said.

According to Hall, the district ordered 600 baseball bats, some of which will be placed in offices and other areas of school campuses. Monday’s in-service training on responding to a school shooting included panel discussions with Millcreek police. The small bats cost approximately $1,800, according to Hall. “It really was minimal for what we hope to accomplish,” he said.

In reality, what they “accomplished” was giving a false sense of security to teachers and students while promoting the liberal anti-gun agenda. That is liberalism at work in our public school system. Think of how many students will grow up in their schools and hopefully never deal with a school shooter. Those students are being lead to believe that their safety was achieved with 16-inch baseball bats.

The downside to the pretend world that liberals live in is that even if Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, had been issued 1,000 baseball bats, they wouldn’t have stopped Nikolas Cruz. I hope that none of these schools in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania, ever see an active shooter situation because their leadership has colossally failed them.

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